It's Not A Bad Life

Whether we realize it or not, it seems that life sits on a quite balanced scale. Naturally so, we are peppered with good situations and sprinkled with bad situations, all the same. Good things happen, bad things occur. It's so easy to get caught up in focusing on everything bad in life and wondering, "why me?" You start listing every single negative thing in your life, past and present, and all of a sudden, you're sitting there - chin-to-palm, head down - and it's a bad life. And while it's better to focus on the good and all that you're grateful for, I think it's still important focus on the bad once in awhile, too - but in a certain shade of light: what's the lesson? What is the universe trying to tell me? And no, the universe isn't trying to tell you you're an awful person who deserves unfortunate situations. You have to look deeper. As humans, we always have room to grow and improve. We constantly have new lessons to learn and when it comes down to it, I think that's what life is truly all about: lessons, growth, learning, and experiencing. I don't think the world is out to get you. I don't think you're destined for an unhappy life. It can seem like life is really testing you at certain points, but when you find yourself in those moments, I think there's an underlying message that the universe is trying to teach you. And just as no person is the same as the next, every human has a different blueprint of lessons to learn. I firmly believe that what we go through at one point in life is to make us stronger for what lies ahead. Maybe the situations that you're dealt are meant to prepare for something you've always in life. In the world of gaming, you can't level up without conquering tough obstacles first, and I believe that very concept applies to life as well. 

It's not a bad life.

xo, Ashlee

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