Autumn Tag | Happy Halloween!

Halloween is finally here and I can regretfully say that I really slacked off this season, not creating as much autumn-oriented content as I originally wanted to. I don't know about you, but October started and ended in the blink of an eye for me and I'm a little sad it's over. Since Halloween is today and I have nothing spooky written up, I've decided just to do a Halloween/Autumn tag since those are always fun!

1.) Do you prefer the smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves?
Honestly, when I think of the rotting leaves scent, I just think of what it smells like outside like during autumn and it's not bad at all. With that said, I definitely prefer the smell of rotting leaves.

2.) Wool or knit sweaters?
I try to not buy real wool ever, so definitely knit sweaters. Plus, wool is just itchy!

3.) Halloween party or walk-through haunted houses?
I HATE haunted houses where people dress up to scare so definitely a Halloween party but it must be around 5 people only - more like a gathering. Not much of a partier

4.) October or November?
Definitely October!

5.) Ouija boards or ghost stories around the fire?
Ghost stories around the fire, any day!

6.) Witches or vampires?

7.) Skeletons or zombies?
Skeletons! If there's one Halloween monster I hate the most - it's zombies!

8.) If you were dared to spend the night in a "haunted house," would you do it?
Only if there were other people with me!

9.) Are you superstitious?
Yes! Black cats, full moons, and all.

10.) Pumpkin spice or hot chocolate?
How about chai instead?!

11.) Favorite Halloween movies?
First and foremost, I have to name the most basic movie: Hocus Pocus. And secondly, Harry Potter. Harry Potter isn't directly associated with Halloween, but it gives me all the spooky autumn feels.

12.) What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
I'm not dressing up this year, but I made a pretty good Wednesday Addams last year!

13.) Bats or black cats?
I can't do bats so black cats it is!

14.) Favorite fall drink from Starbucks?
I usually always order a hot chai tea once the colder months make way!

15.) Favorite thing about autumn?
My favorites clothes

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