Their Accomplishment Isn't Your Failure

Let me start off by saying that you are your very own person, on your very own journey. Your exact story does not look like anyone else's. In saying that, it's very easy to compare others' successes and failures to your own, even if they're completely different. It's easy to see someone's success, and think, "Wow, what am I doing and why am I not succeeding like them?" Especially with the help of social media - tt's a great place to connect and discover, but it can also end up becoming a platform to judge ourselves on. Things usually look great and glossed over on the internet.

I'll be honest, sometimes I'll feel a little jealous when I see old friends graduating college and moving onto the corporate world. My life doesn't look anything like that. However, it's usually a  short-lived feeling because I step back and remember that I didn't want that and I specifically chose not to go down that path. I chose something entirely different and that's a good thing for me. I didn't choose the - high school - college - corporate job - timeline, I chose to join a business and gain some valuable and somewhat rare experience, do the school thing at my own time, and work on my own brand. My successes won't look like the successes of others. They'll be entirely different, but that doesn't make them any less valid.

When you compare what you see on social media, you aren't seeing the background story. You aren't seeing the full picture. We have to realize we're all unique, and our desires in life won't be the same. We all have our own distinctive timelines and comparison is the biggest thief of joy. Only compare yourself to where you have been. Another persons accomplishment isn't your failure, and your failures aren't anyone's accomplishment.

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  1. Yet another insightful post! I absolutely agree that comparison can kill joy. We are all on our own unique paths and it does no good to compare ourselves to others!

    Mia |


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