My Favorite Autumn Spices

When fall rolls around, it seems as though everything you eat or drink is spiced in delicious flavors from an array of decidedly autumnal herbs. Just the scent or taste brings immense memories and feelings of pumpkin carving, crunchy leaves, PSL's, and cozy fireplaces. I thought I'd share with you my favorite autumnal spices and how I use them...

I'm going to have to say that clove is probably my favorite spice to use because it smells so good. I first and foremost love cooking with clove when I make mulled cider on the stove. Check out that recipe here. Clove is also known for helping with a cold or cough - just add a few whole cloves to your tea!

Cinnamon is another top autumn favorite, and not only does it smell amazing, but it also hold numerous health benefits as well. It can help with colds and headaches as well as lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar. This is another spice I always add to my mulled cider - absolutely delicious. Not to mention, just a small dash of cinnamon added to a hot cup of coffee or tea is heavenly.

Dried orange peel
While oranges may not seem like an autumn fruit or especially an autumn spice, I think dried orange peels are the perfect additive to a spicy and citrusy potpourri. Orange juice, itself, is usually added to my mulled cider, so in that sense, I'd definitely consider a dried orange peel to be an autumnal spice of some sort.

Another spice that commonly associated with health benefits, turmeric, is super well known for helping with teeth whitening, anti-inflammation, and can block the growth of certain cancers. During the fall time, I find it best to mix into salad dressing or sprinkle over soup.

Nutmeg, juniper berries, and elderberries are also some really popular autumnal spices, though I've never used them before. My goal this fall is to get as creative as I can with fall fruits and spices and broaden my horizons. What are your favorites and how do you enjoy using them?

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