Life Regrets...

One of my bigger fears in life is looking back and feeling unhappy about the way things went. I'm afraid of looking back and wishing I had done things differently which is why I'm always searching out ways to live my life to the fullest and happiest. Traveling, of course, is one of the biggest things I'm trying to accomplish while I'm still young. I remember awhile back, I had watched a video where a handful of elderly people in their 90's were interviewed on what they had regretted in life and what advice they had for younger people. It really impacted me and the way I now look at life. Unfortunately you only have one chance to do it right so it actually is an important thing to think about in your early years so you can be mindful as you live your life from there on out.

Take risks
In the video, there was a man who said there was something he regretted not doing so much and now he was spending his time wishing he had done it. It's so easy to take the safe road your entire life where you have security and everything is guaranteed. Sometimes though, it's not soul-filling and when you take a risk, it could out to be something absolutely amazing. Risks can be scary, yes, and you have to really weigh out the risks you do take, but they are worth it sometimes. If it doesn't work out or you don't enjoy it, then at least you know you tried it. I'd rather try something and realize it wasn't for me than not try it and spend my life wishing I had.

Don't work so hard
Yes, you need to have a job, and yes, you need to pay your bills. But don't get so carried away with staying extra hours, crunching in extra numbers, and replying to extra emails outside of work. There's a difference between working to live and living to work. I've truthfully never had a problem with this one because when I come home from work, I don't bring work with me. I leave work at work.

Express your feelings
Always tell people how you feel whether good or bad. No one can read your mind and if you wait too long, you might miss your chance. Have the courage and bravery. Sure, it's good to keep the peace if you're in a conflict with someone, but sometimes it can be taken too far - and not only that, but holding in feelings can lead to bitterness and an overall unhappy life.

Enjoy it while you have it
This can apply so many things, but more commonly, I've heard it apply to youth: enjoy your skin while you're young, enjoy your energy and ability to move around while you're young. Don't take these things for granted. Enjoy your parents or your grandparents while they're still around. Enjoy all that you have in your life while it's still present.

Let yourself be happy
Most of all, be happy and love life. Make the most out of the things that are in your control. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks - do the things you love (as long as it's good for your well-being, of course). There's no time like the present. Enjoy what you have now and look forward to what's to come.  

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