You Don't Need To Be Constantly Entertained

There's an endless amount of entertainment right at our fingertips these days. Thanks to the internet and just electronics in general, we're able to fill our every moment with some sort of stimulant. I'll admit it, one of my favorite things to do when eating breakfast is to watch YouTube videos. Every morning when I wake up, I scroll through Instagram. When I get home from my day job, I usually check my other business email. When I work out, I listen to music or a podcast. I think as a generation or society, we've all sort of become this way. It's the new norm. We need entertainment to keep our minds occupied.

Don't get me wrong, technology is a marvelous thing. But we over-do it. Silence is such a good thing. It should be something we experience daily, not just for a few moments in between things. And not just silence, but soaking up the surroundings. A few examples of this could be: staying off your phone when you're with others, driving without the radio on, going for a run without music, leaving the television on just for background noise. Spend time alone with your thoughts. Smile at a stranger. I encourage you to find more and more ways to be alone with yourself and your thoughts more often, or even just with other people. You'll feel amazing.

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