Empowerment vs. Competition

When we were younger, we were told to go be the absolute best we could be. There was a sense of competition ingrained in us from a young age. When we became a little older, endless messages were thrown at us to have nicer stuff. Or to be taller, skinner, prettier, or smarter. Flawlessly edited magazine photos told us we came from a place of lack; that we weren't good enough. Today, all it takes is a scroll through Instagram to see so many people creating and doing amazing and beautiful things. Suddenly, you feel like a slight heart-twinge and the need to keep up or one-up. You may even feel jealous at times.

But what if we stopped falling victim to the endlessly exhausting competition, and started embracing the values, differences, and unique accomplishments and endeavors of those around us? What good has ever come from jealousy, judgment, and petty competition? It's draining and gets us nowhere. I think the strongest women are the ones who build up the women around them, rather than tearing one another down. They are the ones who celebrate, uplift, support and love each other. When we uplift the people around us, so much good can come from it.

Amplify their ideas and share yours. Don't keep everything to yourself. I think we all really have a lot to learn from one another so collaborate instead of competing. Learn their stories and share yours. You'd be surprised at how much alike you might be with someone else and sometimes it's comforting to know you're not alone. Empowering someone can affirm their values, worth, dreams, and send them on their way to be the person they were meant to be without fear of failure or ridicule. It seems as though there's there cultural trend of tearing down one another, but when we choose to stand side by side without competition and comparison, we have the opportunity to become apart of something larger than ourselves. 

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