Staying Productive When You're Depressed

We've all been there. You're depressed, thus feeling by all means unmotivated, uninspired, and endlessly dull. I know how tough it can be. It can make the simplest of things feel hard. It can make productively a struggle, and especially when you're an entrepreneur, it can really create a challenge. But have no fear because there are ways to remain productive and cope with it in a positive way. These tips help me and I hope they help you as well! 

Spend Time Outside
Fresh air and sunshine never did anyone some harm. It does the absolute opposite. It's easy to want to just stay inside, in bed. But getting outside and spending time some time in nature can do wonders for you. Go for a walk, or pack a book and blanket and go the park and sit under a shade tree. Or if you have nowhere to go, sit in your yard. Go for a drive. Don't dwell and think about the things that upset, just be present and in the moment. Look around in breathe in that fresh air. 

Write About It
Getting your feelings and emotions out on paper can help a lot. Especially if you don't like talking to people about your problems. Your journal is your friend and is listening - so spill! You'll feel worlds better and it'll spark some sort of inspiration for you. 

Spend Time With a Friend
When you're feeling the bluest of blue, spending time with another person can sound completely unappealing. But I'm telling you, it helps. Even when you're not depressed, spending time with a good friend always helps. I'm the kind of person who enjoys spending a LOT of time alone. And once I hang out with a friend first the time in awhile, I feel so much happier. 

Lower The Bar
When you're feeling depressed and have a long list of things on your "to-do" list, it's almost impossible to expect yourself to get everything done. It's almost as if you're setting yourself up to be even more upset because you'll feel worse once you realize it's not all getting done. So, set the bar lower. Take on each task as it comes and stop when you feel like it. Find just one thing that needs to be done and try to do just that one task. If all is well, give yourself one more task and so on. Take care of yourself first and worry about the other things later. 

Happiness Routine
A happiness routine is your go-to activities that bring you utter joy when you're suffering from depression. Painting, writing, hiking, pampering, baking, cleaning, and yoga are all examples but it can be anything. Grab your journal and write down a list of all the things that cheer you up and lift your spirits and keep it handy for when you're depressed. 

Be Kind To Yourself
Always be kind to yourself, especially when you're feeling depressed. Don't use negative words toward yourself. Use kind of encouraging words. Tell yourself its OK to be depressed and that you love yourself.  Remind yourself of how amazing and strong you are. Look up motivating and encouraging quotes on the internet and apply them to yourself and your life. 


  1. Everyone goes through such phase in life . It's Important to seek right advice like the one you mentioned to get back on our foot asap.

  2. Depression takes you by surprise, drains your energy, and leaves you without motivation to accomplish even the simplest tasks on your to-do-list. The Happiness routine is an important point: sit on the porch in the sunshine; lay out in the grass; soak up the great outdoors! Getting fresh air and sunlight will make you feel better than being cooped up inside.

  3. Set the bar lower is what I do when sometimes i really get into this phase. It is so important to cool self & say that its OKAY sometimes!

  4. excelent points.It's very hard to make it happen though. A happiness routine sure helps! The worst part is the guilt that follows a non-productive day/week..Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great tips . My favorite are spending time outside and with friends. It really helps I think. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are great suggestions, another thing I did when I went through my depression after my divorce was to stay busy. I started doing DIY project around the house, yard work and just overall redecorating. It really helped me alot. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sometimes I felt like that ... I think I should follow this tips. Thanks again

  8. I love this, as an advocate of mental wellness and in a tough school program (doctor of dental medicine) - this is a very important topic for those of us like us. Thanks for the advice to get through it!

  9. I 100% endorsed the idea of Happiness routines. Having go to ideas and activities ready can really help get you over the hump when you're in a funk.

  10. These are great tips! I also use a reminder app on my phone to help me get through the day. As I think of things that need to be done (like the most important things. I add them with a reminder for a specific time, which helps me spread them out (or not forget them).

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