Packing The Perfect Carry On Bag

I have a long airplane flight coming up, and while I haven't flown a TON in my life, I do have some experience so I thought I'd share with you the packing list for my carry on bag. I've made it a challenge to pack only things that will serve me a purpose while at my destination as well - resulting in light packing. However, packing a carry-on is like a lesson in necessity and choreography: you want everything you possibly do need, and nothing you absolutely don't, while being able to get everything in and out of those grey bins at security as smoothly and quickly as possible without holding up the line of people behind you. I should mention, this is assuming you're bringing another suitcase along for checked luggage. If you're trying to only bring a carry-on, I'll save that for another blog post. I'm personally not sure what I'll do for my trip yet.

Headphones + downloaded entertainment
The best way to pass time up in the air is to throw on some headphones and listen to a favorite album or podcast, and if you're trying to get some shut eye on a red eye flight, noise-cancelling headphones aren't a bad option.

Water bottle
A great way to save money and stay hydrated is to bring your own water bottle. The airplane cabins can be very drying and drinks provided by the flight attendants are usually a little pricey. Just keep an empty water-bottle in your bag and fill it up at a fountain after you get through security.

Good book & Journal
Long distance-traveling is my favorite time to read a book because I can usually start and finish it during that duration and not to mention - time FLIES when you're really into the book you're reading. I've always liked the idea of bringing a journal along on my trips to jot down any notes or memories from the experience that I don't want to forget.

Extra essentials
One of my fears of flying is losing my luggage. It doesn't happen too often anymore, but there's always a chance, so packing a few essential items is never a bad idea (an extra set of clothes, undergarments, deodorant, mascara, and  toothbrush). I also like to pack my laptop if I know I'm going to be up in the air for a good while so I can get some work done in my free time . 


  1. Great concise tips! Thanks for sharing!
    Alicia P

  2. I totally agree with you. Sometimes I pack way to many things without thinking of what I really need. Thanks for sharing

  3. Great tips, On my last fight to New York they gave us free bottle water, so I didn't have to being a water bottle. I do have to learn to pack better tho, lol. Do you use packing cubes?

  4. I don't travel that much, but I think these are all great ideas. I think headphones are a must!

  5. I travel a lot and also wrote a post on how to pack like a frequent flyer. It can really change the process at the airport. Your tips are great.

  6. These are some awesome tips! I agree on the extra essentials, I always take a bit of clothes, make up, toothbrush and laptop with me :)

  7. I absolutely love these travel tips!!

  8. The bag in the pic is gorgeous! great travel tips! :)


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