How Life Can Change In A Year

Have you ever just sat and thought about where you were one year ago? From that time to now, you've learned and experienced a lot. Within that year, you've overcome both hardships and accomplishments - some, maybe you didn't even think you'd encounter. People come and go, and perspectives can shift with more experiences. A year can go by in the quickest of flashes, and even though each day may seem to only be just slightly different from the day before, when you look at the grand scheme of things and when a years worth of those days has passed, you just may find yourself in an entirely new place from when we began.

I think it's really important to take the time to reflect on your year, maybe even write down some of your memories, and just think about how much you've changed; how much you've grown. Compare yourself a year ago to your present self. Self-reflection is such a vital component to personal growth. I know this sort of thing typically is thought of to happen around the new year, but it can be done at any time.

This is where journaling can come in: list out all of your accomplishment, people you met, hobbies you enjoyed. Anything that infuses you with joy. These moments, worthy of finding a place in your journal, are what we string together, creating a life of happiness. It's easy to forget things - things you wouldn't think you'd forget. And not only that, but looking back at accomplishments written down will act as reassurance that all of your hard work wasn't for nothing - it got you to where you are today, which is probably a lot further than where you were. Whether your year was with more accomplishments or hardships, always smile. Know that everything in your life is happening as it should, be proud of your accomplishments, and understand that those hardships made you stronger and smarter. Let that time for reflection make you more optimistic towards all that is to come and grateful for everything already in your life.

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  1. I started using a journal since last year and it's a great way to see what you achieved


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