Preparing For A Trip

Next month I will be taking a trip to the west coast and I thought I'd share some of my preparation tips for going on a trip! I also plan to share with you my "minimalist" packing list and everything I will be taking, closer down the road, so keep an eye out for that!

Packing early
Packing in a week advance saves a lot of time and stress. I think a week out is just enough time for early packing to check the weather and ensure you don't forget to pack something.

Flight preparation
For the flight, I like to make sure I have my flight essentials along that will keep me zen and occupied. Think comfortable clothes, a book, or a laptop if you want to get some work done while up in the air. 

Create agenda
If I'm staying for a few days, I try to plan out and coordinate everything to ensure I get the most out of my trip. We plan to visit the ocean, apartment hunt, and visit some friends so choosing a day for each event ahead of time will save a lot of stress.

Prepare for road trips
Nothing is more annoying than getting completely lost enroute and spending over an hour finding your way because there's construction and  you didn't bring a map with you, your cell is getting zero service, and your GPS isn't updated. Take screenshots of maps or scribble down directions.

Create a plan for first and last day
The first day is usually lost to logistics and unfamiliar surroundings. It can be really frustrating to figure out exactly where you are and what's around you, so doing some research ahead of time can be really helpful.

Planning out your finances is also a really smart move. Determine roughly how much money you will be spending in total and try to not go over that during your trip. Buy a few groceries so you're not eating out everyday $$$$. Make sure you have some cash on you if you end somewhere that doesn't take debit or credit. It's easy to spend a lot in one day, but if you're being more cautious of it, you can save a lot!

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