4+ Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

It's been awfully hot outside lately and it's only JUNE, so there's a good chance the temperatures will continue to climb this year - even if just a little bit. Truthfully, I'm not a super huge fan of the extreme warmth so I've been doing a few things to beat the heat and I thought I'd share them with you.

Watch What You Wear
Lightweight clothes will keep you cooled down - especially cotton - by allowing your skin to breathe and not trapping in the heat. Wearing black will make you warmer as it absorbs in heat, so ensure you're wearing lighter-colored clothing. If you have long hair, throw it up in a messy bun or braid. 

Block the rays
I cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your skin from burns with sunscreen. Getting a bad sunburn is a quick way to feel sore and miserable real fast, so use a higher SPF than you think you should - I like to use SPF 50. Keeping your skin protected is also a good way to prevent your skin from prematurely aging. 

Being exposed to drastic heat for long periods of time without staying hydrated can lead to heat exhaustion, so it's really important to keep your water intake at a high level. When it's really hot out, you tend to sweat more, and drinking water (not soda, coffee, or alcohol) will help to lower body temps and replace your body of the fluid.

Hit the water
If you live near the ocean, maybe it wouldn't be bad a bad idea to hangout at the beach. Of course load up on sunscreen and definitely hydrate - the saltwater can be very dehydrating. If you don't live near an ocean or lake, no worries, a pool works as well. Still, sun-block and hydrate. 

A few other small tips that come to mind: limit physical activity. Moving around a lot will of course make you even warmer, so if you have the option, stay indoors and relax on super hot days. Keep your blinds or curtains closed to keep the sun rays out - it will help your home stay much cooler. This last one may sound so silly, but I'm telling you - it works. Sometimes when it's just so hot in my house because my central air can't keep up with the heat (it's an older townhouse), I grab my ice pack from the freezer and place it on my arms for a few seconds, moving it around. You're probably laughing, BUT IT WORKS! And desperate times (100+ degrees Fahrenheit) call for desperate measures. 

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