Uninspired And Taking A Break...

Lately, and by lately I mean the past few weeks maybe months, I've been feeling some other deep level of lack of inspiration that I cannot even begin to explain. It feels dried up and withered away. I don't know what triggers it, but there it is, unwelcomely camped out and not about to leave anytime soon. As an aspiring entrepreneur and freelance journalist/photographer, this kind of bites because it's like, I need that never-ending motivation for my work and to continue to produce more and more of it. It's kind of an empty feeling. And normally, you'd fill up that emptiness by your work, but when you're lacking inspiration and feeling ~dullishy~ blank, how do you fill it? 

Blogging ruts, as I like to call them, come and go quite often. And this might be a weird metaphor, but sometimes I feel like our minds are similar to shapes-shifters. Constantly evolving, growing. Going back and forth, undecidedly. Perhaps certain seasons, months, days affect your creativity. Places, scents, sounds. You'd be surprised. I've even written another blog post on the matter when I was feeling this way awhile back and you can read it here. I shared some great tips for overcoming the rut, but I left out one tip I didn't think was necessary. Taking a break. SMALL break, that is. Sometimes it's okay to feel uninspired and unmotivated. You can't always be on your A-game. You'd get burnt out, and surely you don't want that. Sometimes a break is necessary; to step back, recollect yourself and your thoughts, and come back with a fresh approach and mind. Once in awhile you need to step back away from your computer or your notebook and pencil, and go experience life for a little awhile instead. Read a book, have some tea, go for a hike, meet someone new. It will do you worlds of good. It will resharpen your spark. It can fill your little head up with all sorts of new ideas. Freelance work isn't always easy and sometimes you need to take a small step back and reevaluate. Do it. 

Also, don't worry. I'm not taking a break from blogging anytime soon. Content will still keep coming your way every Tuesday and Thursday. I'm not going anywhere, yet! 

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