Reclaiming Your Peace Of Mind

You may have been suspecting a pattern on my blog lately of content relating to minimalism, mindfulness, and simplicity. And perhaps you've noticed I've been sharing many, many tips for living out those characteristics. Well, I'm back again with yet some more steps for reclaiming your simple life. When I think of living mindfully and simply, I honestly think back to my grandparents. I feel like everything was much more authentic and slow-paced, where as today everything has become faster, flashier, bigger. Does that mean better, though? We're constantly on overdrive and overwhelmed with the stress of over-scheduling and nonstop emails, meetings, social events, and etc. I think, maybe, in our quest for advancement, we've lost touch with some of the key qualities to make life so sweet. There are definitely some practical tips out there you can take to adapt back into the simpler and more connected life. Here are a few:

Start a garden
Grow as much of your own food that you can. Plant fruit trees, wildflowers, or herbs. The time spent caring for your garden will bring a sense of peace, nourishment, and purpose to your soul.

Turn it off
We have all this digital access right at our fingertips and sometimes it's best just to disconnect for awhile. Put your phone in a drawer for the rest of the night, step away from the computer, turn the TV off. Just be. Open the windows and enjoy the sounds of real life all around you. Have face to face conversations with the people that mean the most to you. Take a journal and start writing. Technology is no doubt a great invention as it helps us with so much in life, but just like all good things, too much of it can become a bad thing.

Practice single-tasking
Stop multi-talking, and take on one thing at a time, mindfully. You don't have to be over-the-top productive at all times. You can focus on one task, take a break, and move onto the next once you've finished the first.

Walk more
There is nothing more refreshing than taking a stroll around the neighborhood at dusk or at dawn, breathing in all the fresh air and just letting your thoughts run. I don't think we as humans were meant to sit in chairs + drive cars around all day. We were meant to move around more. Walking is an obvious mood and health booster, but it also allows the time let your mind wander...

Cook from scratch
Not only does it taste better, but it's healthier and so much more rewarding to make your own food. You'll find yourself appreciating your meals more, and not only that, but it's also fun to try out new recipes and figure out what you truly like best!

Clear the clutter
Let's be honest. As a society, we have too much stuff. And not only does it crowd our living space, but it strips us from our peace of mind. We have been tricked into believing owning more stuff equals more joy and success, but the reality of it is that less is more. The less we have, the richer our lives can become.

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