My Sunday Routine

In my opinion, Sunday's are an important day of the week. In fact, they may just be ~the~ most important day of the week. Sunday is a day to prepare for the week ahead, while recharging from the eventful day before and tying up any loose ends from the weekend. Truthfully, I don't really like doing much on Sundays except for the things that bring me a sense of joy or peace. However, I always think it's good to start Monday off on the right foot by having a clean home, so if I didn't get the chance Friday night or Saturday, I'll usually spend my morning cleaning. But then again, cleaning brings me a serious sense of joy - like some other level of joy - not joking.

Usually, I'll start off the day by waking up at no specific time. The next five days will begin by an alarm clock, so I avoid that on Sunday's.  I water my plants and make coffee or tea. I let the rest of the day unfold naturally, planning absolutely nothing. I always like to spend at least some time reading or writing. Writing to clear the junk from my head to create a fresh slate for the following week. Reading, whether it be an actual book or magazine or online article can also clear the mind, in my opinion. I'm currently reading, "The Paris Wife," by Paula McLain, and Kinfolk: VOLUME 23. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll go for a run or hike when I wake up or work on my blog. If I'm feeling extra fancy, I'll do a facial mask - currently in love with the French Rose Clay face mask. I like to open up the windows if it's nice out and invite fresh air into my home, maybe light a candle or two. Perhaps I'll go pick up from fresh flowers to accompany a vase on my table, and try out a new recipe from my favorite recipe website, Once the evening time rolls around, I'll get a few things laid out and in order to ensure my Monday morning can run smooth. It's just all about treating yourself in the simplest of ways to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you welcome in the new week. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

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