Minimalism: Closet Hanger Experiment

Over the past couple of years I've really been working hard to narrow down my wardrobe to only the pieces I actually wear and feel confident in. It's been proving to be semi-tough as I continuously find things to let go that I previously wanted to keep. Awhile back, I decided to give the "closet hanger experiment" a try - something I've seen frequently floating around the internet. I'm one month into the experiment and I plan to continue on until about midway July, when I leave for a trip. Surprisingly, I'm not surprised by the results so far. It's almost as if I knew, deep down, that certain tops would go left unworn. Like I just physically needed to see that I wasn't wearing certain things in order to accept they were no longer needed. I've worn about maybe 25% of everything in my closet so far, and of course, that number will go up with time, but I'm curious to see what will be left over in the end. It should also be mentioned that I wear the same work uniform Monday-Friday so this really makes a difference.

How it works
Reverse the hangers for everything hanging in your closet. Face them the opposite way of which they normally face. Every time you wear something, hang it back up the original way - or, your normal way. After a set time has passed, remove anything still hanging in the reversed direction and assess each item individually, determining whether or not you should discard or keep it. Of course there are exceptions, like if it's summertime when you try this out, chances are you won't be wearing your sweaters and vice versa.

So far, I'm really pleased with this experiment as it's giving me a visual idea of what is and isn't getting worn. It's also allowing me the opportunity to intentionally choose a shirt I haven't worn rather than constantly going back to the same stuff. I really think everyone should try this out because it's such an eye opener. I've held onto things in previous "closet cleanouts" because I'd tell myself that I'd wear those garments, but I haven't yet and I'm starting to actually see it. I whole-heartedly wish I had taken a completely before photo - over a year ago - to show you to overall progress. My closet was jam packed. I could hardly squeeze one more hanger in there, so I'd say I've come along way thus far. I'll do an update post in July with the end results so keep an eye out for that!

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