Mindful Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Every year, I see the internet flooded with blogs sharing lists of mother's day gift ideas and I feel like I keep seeing the same things over and over again: the usual bouquet of roses, jewelry, chocolate, la-dee-da.  Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with chocolate and jewelry, but if you're looking for something semi-unique, I've got you covered. Since I'm trying to resist buying more STUFF these days and be more intentional and mindful, I thought I'd share with you some alternative, non-cliché gift ideas.

Used Books
I've always been a fan of gifting books because they truly are marvelous little things. Brand new books, straight off the book store shelf are nice, sure, but there's really just something about books that have already been read through. Look through your bookshelf and see if there is anything you really enjoyed that you wouldn't mind passing on.

Potted plant
Moms love flowers, and they're great, but a potted plant is just as wonderful. First off, it will live much longer. A bouquet will typically last for about a week given the proper essentials, but wouldn't it be cool to know a year out she is still enjoying that potted plant? If your mom loves roses, instead of buying her a bouquet of roses, give her a potted rose bush!

Photo album
If you no longer live at home, chances are you don't see your mom as often. Print out some photos from your adventures and compile a photo album for her. If you have siblings, ask them to send you some of their photos as well. It's sentimental and bound to be greatly appreciated and cherished.

Gift card
If your mom has a trusty hair salon or hair stylist she always goes to, reach out and get her a gift card or pay for her next visit. Pay for her next manicure or pedicure.

I know I said I was listing non-clichéd ideas, and this is probably one of the most cliché ideas, but time spent together is always most appreciated, I feel. Take your mom out to her favorite restaurant, and let her lead the conversations, talking about whatever she wants to talk about.

Whatever you believe will be appreciated the most, do that! In the end, it's all about showing your mother appreciation and love, and thanking her for all she has done for you.  

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