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Chances are, when you are decluttering your home, you are doing it with the good intention of clearing and simplifying your space. Maybe you're doing it for other reasons, but overall, there is a purpose behind why you're doing it. Of course just like with anything else, there are mistakes you can make and things you can do to avoid making those mistakes. Here are a few things to consider to keep you in the right direction.

Not having a clear vision
Think about what you truly want your home to provide and how you want it to feel. If you're a creative who likes to write and paint, and you're desiring a space to encourage that and inspire creativity, think about what you need to add and take away. If you're an entrepreneur with a business on your back, in need of a clean and fresh office space, think about how you can create that. If there are certain stressor areas in your home, figure out what exactly it is that makes them stressful for you. There was a time when I noticed my clothes were always all over the place and I realized I had too many. I would also glance at my storage area and feel a stressing anxiety over the boxes of stuff just sitting there. I analyzed the situation and area, and by having that clear vision of what I wanted the end goal to be made things so much easier in the decluttering process.

Making hasty purchases
Now that you have a clear vision, it's easy to think, "Oh, I could buy this and that to really complete the look and feel I'm aiming for." Don't do that. Don't add more stuff to your home until you've completely removed all the items you no longer need or want. Also, don't purchase organizing and storage products until you're finished because you may not end up getting rid of more than you originally intended.

Keeping "decluttered" items hanging around
If you gather up a bag or box of things to donate, don't let it sit around in storage waiting to be donated. Maybe something will catch your eye again and you'll try to justify why you should keep it instead of throwing it out. No, if you made that decision in the first place, then you made that decision! I, myself, am a little guilty of this a little bit because I don't like making frequent trips to the secondhand stores so I keep a laundry basket in my spare bedroom along the wall where I place things to donate from time to time until I actually take them out of my home. This works great for me though because I don't have to constantly see it

Holding negative thoughts
It's easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts while you are sorting through your things because you think it will take forever or you're afraid your home will just get filled up with more junk again. Here's something to keep in mind: Decluttering is not a chore, it's a choice. You have a home, and so what, you're decluttering. You're much luckier than a lot of other people. You can let yourself be a prisoner and tied down to your personal possessions, or you can choose the opposite, to rule your stuff. If the task feels to big and you feel overwhelmed, keep it simple. Take on only small sections of your house at a time.

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