A Few More Life Lessons

Another year of life has come and gone for me and more lessons have been learned. Last year I turned 21 and shared 21 life lessons on The Ivory Fawn that I had learned in 21 years. This year, I've decided to keep it simple and just share a few since I don't think I'll be able to top last year's off. If you'd like to check out that post, click here! 21 was a great year and I look forward to what 22 has to offer. It's going to be a big year of traveling and planning as I begin preparation for the next chapter of my life. Happy Birthday to me! *Cheers!*

Pay yourself first
Ever since I started saving money aggressively, I've learned that paying yourself first is so important and will help you get further than you thought you would get. What I mean is, right when you get paid, put a set amount into savings. Pay yourself first. Then pay the bills and buy your groceries. Instead of waiting until the last minute to dump whatever is leftover from your paycheck into savings, do it first and set yourself a standard amount. This will also prevent you from aimlessly spending money on small things throughout the day because you will have transferred that "extra" money over right away. Win-win.

Things collect dust
The more items you have, the more surfaces there are to collect dust and require cleaning. And not only do you have more to clean, you also have more to be responsible for. If you are planning to move, you have more to transport or sell. If you're seeking a clean and simple atmosphere in your home for relaxation and clarity, clutter can get in the way of that. I've become so much better at detaching myself of 'stuff' and making smarter purchases. This has helped save money and mental space.

Birthday's are a blessing
Once you've reached the age of 21, it seems to all go downhill from there. Another birthday just means you're getting older and sometimes you just feel sad about. I'll be honest, when I turned 20 I was in fact a little mopey because I had officially entered my 20's and left my teens. But here's the way you should be looking at it: at least you are able to celebrate another birthday because many people aren't. When my parents are grandparents have a birthday, I'm happy because it's their birthday but I'm also a little sad because that means they're growing older. But then I stop myself. At least they ARE here for another birthday - something I'm so grateful for.

Nobody knows what they're doing
When I was 10 years old, I looked at 20 year olds as responsible adults who knew everything as well as what they were doing with life. When I turned 20, I had no idea what the heck I was doing. I'm 22 now and I still don't have a clear picture. Turns out, no one really does. No one really has it quite figured out completely. Maybe you have your job figured out and place of residence. But there is so much more to it than that and it's almost impossible to have it completely all together.

Experience holds most value
I've always sort of known that experience is so much more valuable than material possessions, but I think this year I've really put it into perspective with my life. Experiences will grant you personal growth and happy memories to look back on, material possessions will cost you money and space. I've saved more money than usual because I tell myself that it can go towards adventures and trips rather than things I don't need and will grow tired of after awhile. I've made it a goal to visit both coasts this year and I plan to keep travel and experience as a big part of my life from here on out.

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