3 Steps To Living A Greener Life

With Earth day tomorrow, it's a perfect time to implement more eco-friendly practices into our daily lifestyle (although, any time is a perfect time start). We make all these resolutions around the beginning of the new year such as exercising more, saving money, and working harder, but it's also paramount to take a look outside every so often and determine what we can do to help the earth we call home. You may have noticed, but it seems to get hotter each year. Call it what you will, but regardless, the planet is calling for attention. Here are just a few small planetary positive intentions you can make! There is SO much more you can do, but these are good starting points. Happy Earth Day!
Eat more plants
Swap meat out for plant-based alternatives. Perhaps implement "No Meat Monday's" into your life if you don't want to cut it out completely. Reducing your consumption of animal bi-products, regardless of the amount or motivation, will not only reduce your environmental footprint, but the farm animals and planet will thank you. Shopping organic never hurts either!

Ditch fast fashion
The fashion industry is a shady one, and there are a lot of unethical things going on behind the scenes, not to mention it's the second most polluting industry in the world - yikes. Buy local and look for eco-friendly shops and brands, and not only that but also pay attention to your consumption rate. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and buy the latest trends, but be mindful and intentional. Last year, I wrote on my blog a more in-depth prompt on why you should ditch fast fashion and you can read it here.

Don't be trashy
Did you know the average American creates about 4.5 pounds of trash per day? Luckily, it's easier than you'd think to cut back on trash or work towards a zero waste home. Compost food scraps and yard waste, ditch bottled and single-use drinks and other items, and other small unnecessary items such as freebies, party favors, business cards, flyers, and etc. I also wrote a blog post detailing the five R's of zero waste - it's worth a read! Click here to read about how you can strive towards a more zero waste lifestyle.

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