10 Commandments Of A Tidy Home

Do you have spring cleaning in mind with this beautiful weather? Maybe you've made the intention to keep your home tidy in the new year and you're not sure how to go about with it. I know not everyone is keen on getting rid of their stuff, but if you are, I've collected a few tips or guidelines for helping you to navigate through the process. Decluttering and cleaning is the first process or step of maintaining a tidy home, but it's not all you can do. Of course, you don't have to follow these tips to a T. You can change them to fit your lifestyle and preference. I hope this will help you with keeping your home a little more tidy!

1. Let go of things (not just material things)
The key to having a tidy life at home is having a tidy life outside of home as well.  I know this one doesn't have too much to do with a clean and organized home, but it is vital in simplifying your life and thus simplifying your home. 

2. "Don't Touch It Twice" Rule
If you're going around picking up your space, don't move something to the foot of the stairs from the living room or kitchen that is needing to go upstairs (don't touch it twice). Chances are, it will take you 30 seconds to put that item in it's respected place. Just put it where it goes and be done with it.

3. Keep only the things that spark joy for you
This phrase is super overused on the internet (I'm guilty of it, too) but it's the best way of putting it and it's pretty self-explanatory, but only keep the things that truly make you happy or serve a purpose in your life. Don't keep the "space-fillers." 

4. Get rid of the things you'll use for "someday."
If you're holding onto something you think you may need "just in case," then chances are that you won't truly need it someday, and if you do happen to need it, you can always borrow from a friend or family member. Don't let things waste space in your home if they aren't being used or cherished. 

5. Respect your home goods for the use they provide
Have appreciation for your things and be thankful for what they help you with to make your life a little easier. Have respect for them and take care of them (don't ruin or be rough). Give them a respected home within your home so you always know where they are when you're needing to use them! 

6. Put extra thought into your purchases
If you're trying to keep a clutter-free and tidy home, put extra consideration into your purchases. Are you buying something out of impulse? Can you see yourself getting much true use out of it? Will it go in the "get-rid-of" pile in  a few months? Tidy homes aren't just kept by cleaning and removing from the home, but also kept by monitoring what enters. 

7. Don't hold onto things to preserve the past
This is one I struggle with a little bit, but I don't stress over it. I sometimes like to hold onto certain event tickets and letters from friends from the past, because I enjoy looking back at those things - they bring me joy. But if you have letters, tickets, and other things from the past that you are just simply holding onto, let them go. Memories don't sit within those things, memories are kept in your head. Simply write down your memories in a book or journal if you're afraid of losing them. 

8. Make an epic clean sweep
Set aside a day monthly or bi-monthly and go through your home, removing unwanted or unneeded things that you may have accumulated over the past few weeks. Decluttering doesn't happen just once, it continues and continues. 

9. Don't hold onto doubles and triples 
Consider the items you have double (or more) of. Let's say you have 6 black t-shirts. Do you need 6 black shirts? Or do you need two Christmas trees? Or two blenders? Five pairs of running shoes? Those are just a few examples, and of course there are exceptions. Maybe you're a running enthusiast and you like to have plenty at hand. Or maybe you're a server and your work uniform must consist of black shirts. But if not, why are you holding onto them? 

10. Don't let your possessions control you
Always remember that your possessions are just things - don't let them control you. Don't put them before your loved ones, and if you do, maybe you have too much and need to reassess what you have. 

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