Shop Like A Minimalist

Let's say you've thoroughly decluttered your home, paring it down to only the things you absolutely love. You've completed step one in the "minimalism journey." However, unless you change your shopping mindset, it's a slippery slope back to old habits and things will begin to pile up again. You can't just except the clutter to stop coming back unless you put more thought and intention  into what you allow back into your space. It's easy to get caught up in the moment while you're out with friends, shopping and hanging out, and then before you know it, you've purchased a bag full of items you really didn't need. Maybe there were some deals that caught your eye and were hard to resist. Shopping like a minimalist means to have intention behind your purchases and putting focus on your vision of life: will your purchases bring you closer or further from that vision? Here are a few questions to ask yourself

Why do I want this?
Is this an impulsive want? Are you buying it because it follows the current trend?  Did you come here with the intention of buying this or did it catch your eye last minute and just have to have it? Do you already own something similar? If you answered yes, you don't need it. It's so easy to be lured in by the sales or even by quick glance.

Can I afford it?
Do you actually have the cash to pay for this item? Will it require future maintenance  and investment? Avoid relying on your credit card as a source of payment and decide if you truly can afford it. Maybe you do have the cash for it, but will you be able to afford the things you *actually* need over the next few days after purchasing it? Have you been trying to save more money lately? Maybe put the cash in your piggy bank instead.

Is this the right one?
Are you paying for the brand name or are you buying the right item for your needs? If you're buying something leaning more towards the expensive side of the scale, do your research and ensure you are buying the right item to fit you and your needs perfectly. A great example would be when I was looking to buy a coffee grinder awhile back. I didn't just buy the first one I laid my eyes on even though that would have been easier. I waited and looked around until I found one that was the perfect size, color, price, and style.

Am I going to wear/use this more than once?
If you're out to look for some new clothes, especially keep this question in mind. Does it fit you properly? If you're not going to wear it often, you're just paying for the clutter. If it's a super trendy item and you're buying it just for that reason, it's probably not even worth it. If it is something you need for a one-time occasion, find a friend who you could borrow from. Save your money and your space.


  1. Great, sensible tips! I'm also the one to have a minimalist approach to shopping so this was right up my street :)

  2. great tips!! very useful during the sales season..


  3. these are some great tips, i try to live minimally only buying what i need but sometimes you see an item that just screams "BUY ME" and i go through those questions in my head before deciding to buy or not :)

  4. YES! I am trying to adopt a new mentality when it comes to shopping. The three day rule has helped immensely!

  5. Very apt tips. Most of the time we buy things not because we need them but because we want them. We are all guilty of that charge :)


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