Little Things That Make Me Happy pt. 3

Handwritten Letters
Receiving a handwritten letter from someone always feels so good. There's something about a physical piece of paper sealed up in an envelope that feels so much better than just a text for Facebook message. It's so much more personal and sincere and genuine. Letters create lasting memories because you can keep them and store them in a little shoebox and look back on them years from now - I know I'm not the only one. They can be read, appreciated, and preserved. I love writing them as well. It's such a great feeling opening up the mailbox to find a letter from a loved one, knowing that they thought of you and cared enough to take the time to write you. Let's not forget the pretty wax seals if you fancy that sort of thing - they add the cherry on top of a handwritten letter. 

Bars of soap
This one may seem silly, but let me explain. I have a weird obsessed with bars of soap - pretty bars of soap, that is. My favorite are the vintage-looking bars in pretty colors, decorated up in cute packaging with fancy engraving and a lovely scent. They're so simple yet so visually pleasing. If you'd like to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, click here to check out my Pinterest board - oh yes, I'm all over it. 

This one should be obvious, but capturing images to document moments, moods, sceneries, and feelings is something that fills me up with so much fulfillment and happiness. It all started out with my moms "cheap" camera that she would let me use in middle school. I'll be honest, most of my first shots were self portraits or "selfies," - but that is where it all began. At that point, I didn't even really think too much of photography and I definitely didn't think of myself as a photographer - I just liked taking photos and that was that. I eventually got a smart phone with a decent camera and I started taking more photos and simple flat lays - I didn't even know they were called flat lays, and it pretty much just all ran from there. I purchased my first camera in 2015 and I've been developing new skills ever since. While I haven't been out shooting as much as I'd like, I know it's only the beginning and I have a TON of adventures and opportunities ahead of me.


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