Little Things That Make Me Happy pt. 2

Another week has come and gone and I'm back with some more little things that make me happy! I don't know how long I'll keep this series going, but for now I like it! What are some of your favorites? Click here to see the first part of the series!

Cloudy days
As much as I and everyone else loves sunshine, I think I almost love cloudy, over casted days even more. They're perfect for staying home and cuddling up with a good book or movie, and they're also great for accomplishing different tasks. I don't know what it is, but I love getting things done when it's raining out. Going for runs on dreary days are exceptionally great and I also love going out and having photo-shoots as cloudy days make for perfect lighting. 

It baffles me sometimes that even just the simplicity of lighting a candle can bring so much coziness and joy. They can transform the atmosphere in any space almost instantly.  I love watching the flicker or listening to the crackle when I have one lit next to me while I work on my computer. My forever favorite candle would definitely be the Fresh Cut Gardenia candle by D.W. Homes - such a calming, floral scent.

Meaningful conversations
I know this one is probably rather obvious because most everyone loves meaningful conversations, but I feel as though they are starting to become rather rare. Maybe not completely, but there's just so much small talk going on and people hiding behind their phones and computer screens that it really makes me feel good when I can truly connect with a person and share a deep conversation on topics of interest. Have you ever just sat down and had such an intricate and intriguing conversation, and just thought to yourself halfway through how thankful you are to be in the there and now, conversing with that other person? Connecting is everything and communication is so vital.


  1. Such a cool series! I'm with you, all of three of these make me smile! I love candles, especially during a bath.

  2. I also love cloudy days. I feel good when I am inside getting things done. Candles are a fave- not a day goes by without lighting them and meaningful conversation- I am actually sad when conversations are not meaningful. I like being present with other people. Thoughtful post. I appreciate you.

  3. Ohhh I too love cloudy days and candles! The only kind of conversation I like is meaningful. I have never been great at the small talk. This is a lovely article. A great way to share!

  4. I enjoy the rain when I dont have to go any where to go and can lamp around the house. Candles are so relaxing, I love lighting them while I clean the house.

  5. Great post! I agree with you, cloudy days don't get enough props! And as far as having really conversations with people I think it's an art that is getting lost with the age of technology. We need to go back to days when people talked face to face!

  6. This was such a sweet list! Personally, I'm not a fan of days that are just cloudy, but I absolutely love when it rains!


  7. Meaningful conversations is the path to my heart. Following a walk on a rainy and cloudy day with boyfriend and ending on a bubble bath surrounded by candles. Great post! Love it.

  8. Meaningful conversations are really important to me. I am at a stage in my life where I want to focus on what important, have less friends and learn from others


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