End Procrastination Once & For All

I'll be honest, once upon a time I was what one may call a frequent procrastinator. I would find many things to do before finishing the task I had originally set out to complete and once I ran out of procrastinating things to do, I would still wait. It was a such a time, energy, and motivation killer. Over the years, I've gotten away from the habit and I've been amazed at how much I can get done in such a short time when I'm not putting things off. I was originally planning to publish this post around New Years in case anyone was looking for a great resolution, it just didn't happen and now here we are three months later! (I don't consider this procrastination, but maybe it is? LOL)

Focus on one thing at a time
Rather than thinking about all that you have to do and dabbling in all of them at once, pick one task and focus on just that until you've completed it. It can become overwhelming when you start to focus on everything, so just let everything go for time being until you've finished the chosen task.

Set your goal and limit any distractions
Create a set time (fifteen or thirty minutes) to completely devote your time and focused energy. Remove anything from your surrounding area that could tempt you - phones, laptops, etc. Mentally and physically lock yourself into your task. If you notice your mind starting to wander and your work pace slowing down, try and snap out of it and remind yourself that the sooner you get the task done, the sooner you can think and focus on other things. Now set your timer and go!

Reward yourself
Once your allotted time is up, reward yourself for sticking to your task. Get up, stretch, check your phone if you must, grab a snack. Anything you find rewarding, do that. Once your finished, start your timer again and get right back at it. If you're still struggling, take a longer break and try again later.  Maybe there's something on your mind that keeps distracting you. Ask yourself why you're procrastinating at the task on hand.


  1. I am guilty of this too but I have recently been trying harder to work on things. If I need to get something done, I just do it and then I can forget about it. Makes it a lot easier to enjoy relaxing when you have nothing else to worry about. Thanks for sharing your tips too.

  2. I get distracted so easily! This was so helpful :D although, focusing on one thing at a time is a bit tricky one for me. Thank you for sharing these :-)

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.com

  3. I'm really bad at procrastinating and then wonder why I haven't got everything done, also focusing on one thing at a time is something I struggle with as I often start things then go off and do something else which has earned me the nickname 'half job' from my husband :D. The reward yourself one is a good tip, maybe I'm more likely to complete tasks if I give myself a treat after setting a target. Great tips, thanks for sharing :)

    The Life of Dee

  4. Procrastination is something that I've recently decided to work on too, and these tips are really great definitely putting them into affect :)

  5. i need this right now. currently on midterms period in the university! thanks for this!

  6. I totally agree on this. I am always trying to have a main focus, and once its completed reward myself!

  7. This is so true. I have to concentrate and finish one thing at a time or I titter around all day without accomplishing anything.
    Katja xxx

  8. This was such a great reminder on how I get easily distracted! I mean, I seriously need to stop checking my Instagram when I work on something. It's a complete waist of time... My solution will be shutting down wifi, it's the only way for me to control myself!
    BS, xx | https://queenbsdiary.com/ |

  9. I usually fall on the last point; rewarding yourself. I meant... I always find excuses as a 'reward' for myself to procrastinating. Bad bad me :(


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