Discovering Your True Style

Something I used to struggle with quite a  bit was knowing what my true, personal style was. I knew what I liked when I saw something, but to put it all together and shape my wardrobe according to that was a different story and I think a lot of people can relate. Over the past couple of years, I've shaped and molded my wardrobe pretty well and I have a good idea of what my "signature looks" consist of, but there's still always room for improvement. *I have a feeling I may written something similar to this in the past, but personal style has been on my mind lately so I thought I'd come to you with some tips I find worked best for me.

Closet purge
The first and foremost important step to discovering your style is to look in your closet and decide what stays and what goes. Make these decisions based on how the garments make you feel when you wear them. Which dresses, and shirts, and pants do you truly enjoy wearing? What do they say about your style? For me, I chose pieces that I felt most confident and comfortable in. Color, fit, material, and all. Keeping items you only half-love is part of the problem because those pieces distract you when you're looking for an outfit. It's easy to follow the trends and copy what you see on someone else, so make sure you're keeping things you whole-heartedly love.

Take note
Once you've pared your wardrobe down to only the things you like, do you see any patterns? Maybe you're noticing that you've naturally gravitated towards neutral colors. Maybe you're style is appearing to be more casual and laid back, or maybe it's more flashy and stylish. Decide what your color palette consists of (but don't completely limit yourself to it). Take note of what you're overall seeing leftover.

Find inspiration
Honestly, I find style inspiration through so many things. I rely on Pinterest and Instagram A LOT, but I also find inspiration from people I see anywhere, music, magazines, books, friends... the list goes on. Keep a mental note of what you like or start a Pinterest board, collecting images of outfits and styles for future inspiration. Go wherever inspiration may sit and keep your eye out!

Forget the rules
There really aren't any rules when it comes to fashion, though some people may tell you differently. Don't wear white after Labor Day? Don't wear black and blue together? Rules shmules. It's hard to have fun when you're following the strict guidelines, so forget about them. If you like something, wear it! If anything, you can always ask a friend how something looks if you're unsure. 


  1. Great tips! I definitely feel like I've honed in on a "signature look" but sometimes I still impulse buy clothes that are totally off the mark. Still working on that part!

  2. Every tip is so true. Style lies in what you feel comfortable in and how you truly are as a person. It doesn't come from expensive clothes or brands but by being true to yourself!

  3. Love the tips! I feel like its an ever changing journey for finding your style as it is always going to change as you change and grow!

  4. Style lies in what defines your authentic personality and first comes the labor of knowing yourself.

  5. great tips loved the post:)


  6. You've given some really good tips! And I like the one about forgetting rules!

  7. Amazing tips!!! I feel like as I get older my style changes a bit, but that's a normal thing right :-)


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