Write This Down For A Rainy Day

Have you ever been told a small reminder that made you feel worlds better? Maybe you're going through a rough patch, the world seems to be caving in, and then your eye catches some written words that lift a little weight off your shoulders. It's completely unrelated to you or your situation, but yet it still has an impact on you. We get so caught up in our own little bubble, and we forget about the rest of the world existing and what lies within it. Here are a few random, and unrelated things to remember and write down for a rainy day:

Time heals. 
Mountain winds sound exactly like waves. 
You are worth everything now. 
Walls can be destroyed. 
The sun always rises (and is always beautiful). 
Children know the answers.
A new day is a chance for new things. 
There is music in everything. 
Logic doesn't product magic. 
Somewhere, somebody loves you. 
You don't need to choose mediocre when fire exists. 
The moon orchestrates our nights and tides. 
Trees can grow through rock. 
Your heart expands when it's broken. 
You should do it now. 


  1. Great picture and lovely words! Nikki

  2. These are small reminders that can change your day a lot! Just read them and you feel better and motivated!

  3. Those are cute little statements. It would be easier to remember and reflect on these one liners on a bad day then looking up other ideas.

  4. These are all such wonderful reminders. They are so true.

  5. Those are great reminder. I love this one "A new day is a chance for new things. " This is included in my mantras.

  6. I needed to read this. Something to lift anyone up that's down! I love your blog by the way, so pretty

  7. What wonderful writing! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. This post is very uplifting. Thanks for sharing. This definitely put out a positive mindset.

  9. Amazing thanks for the uplifting words. Thanks for sharing. Love your positivity!

  10. I was just browsing your blog and it is so chic. I love this post and the words.. they resonate with me

  11. Your heart expands when broken.I am carrying this with me today

  12. Great post, thank you for such a nice words.


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