The Law Of Attraction + How To Use It

The Law of Attraction... ever heard of it? No? That's OK. I'm going to give you the go-around and tell you just how powerful it is and why. It is the theory that what you put out into the universe is what you will get back. If you put positive energy and positive thoughts out, you will receive positive experiences. Likewise with negative energy and negative thoughts. The thoughts we have flowing from ourselves creates an energy that flows within and around our physical beings. The basic idea that thoughts determine our experiences. The more you focus on a certain thought, the more powerful it becomes. It's as though every time we think a thought and speak  a word, the universe is listening to us. If you worry too much about something happening, the likeliness of that occurring will rise. 

I understand that the law of attraction can be difficult for some people because we cannot control our thoughts. BUT, we can control which thoughts we focus on. It begins with awareness and you can gradually train yourself to let some thoughts go and others stay - to kind of rewire the brain. Of course this cannot happen overnight; we all have layers and stories, personal experiences, and limiting beliefs and fears that have become the interior landscape of our minds. Shifting energetic vibration is possible, though, by implementing daily positive practices. I have a few tips for you if you'd like to apply the law of attraction into your life. 

First off, I think the law of attraction begins with intention, and when you form an intention, it has two primary components. First is the content of the intention. What is it, exactly, that you desire? And second, the energy you bring to the intention. The feeling, passion, gratitude. Feeling is the result of energy, and of which is in your intention. Another thing to mention... If we focus on positive thoughts instead of the negative ones, do we really cease to attract negative energy, or do we stop seeing and interpreting it as negative because our energy is focused elsewhere? Does it mean that we actually have more of what we focus on or does the amount of what we focus on remain the same, but it's actually our experience with it that grows? Let me put it more into perspective for you. Let's say, you have THIS amount of things in your life to be grateful for, and when you don't focus on them, you only experience about 20% of them, but when you do focus, you experience about 90% of them. The amount never actually changed, but instead, your experience changed once you shifted your focus. Just some food for thought - I hope I didn't lose you. Onto the tips: 

Have clarity
Have clear intentions about what you want to attract exactly. Focus on your desire and make a small list to go along with it. Hoping to land your dream job? Write down the people, salary, atmosphere, offers, etc. Anything that goes along with it. Concentrate on how that desire would make you feel.

Visualize what you want
This one is my favorite. Picture yourself already living out that dream. Close your eyes, open your hands, and imagine everything falling into your hands. Let it flow into your subconscious mind. Imagine yourself already where you want to be. Energy flows where attention goes.

Make positive affirmations
Write down several positive affirmations in present tense. Repeat them several times a day and focus hard on them. Practice mindfulness. Simply observe the inner and outer world, without becoming emotionally involved. Become aware of the moment. Focus on your breathing. Walk while being mindful of your steps. Speak words you truly mean. Think what you want to think without letting the environment controlling and swaying you.

List your goals 
Writing out your goals will not only help you to see a clear vision of what you want, but it will help you more to connect the "why" to what you are trying to achieve, which will raise the energy vibration and you'll become more magnetic for attracting the people and situations to help launch you forward towards your goal.

This one is almost the most important. Show gratitude. Be thankful for what you already have and what you will have. When we recognize our current fortune and appreciate all that we are blessed with, it puts us almost immediately in a "feel-good" energetic vibration. Align yourself with positive energy. Having gratitude is one of the easiest ways to raise our vibration. Keep a journal if you wish. Track your appreciations daily.

Take action
Lastly, don't forget to take action and work towards that dream. You must act and go more towards your desire. So get up, follow it, explore. The world is yours. Your thoughts and energy will do part of the job, but it will not be enough. Take action and get to work.

These were only a few of the many, many ways to introduce law of attraction into your life. I hope I've shed some new light into your perspective, and never forget that we are constantly inviting what we put out into the universe. 

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