Little Things That Make Me Happy pt.1

This year, for me, is all about happiness, passion, and positivity. Doing things that fill my soul up with cheerful abundance. Appreciating all the little things around me in my everyday life that bring delight and radiance into my life. Finding euphoria and tranquility. Noticing the little details in my surroundings that send a comforting shiver down my spine. I'm a huge lover of lists and I've often heard that talking about the things that bring you joy is a very mentally healthy thing to do. With that said, I've decided to start a new series on my blog where I list and talk about little daily things that bring me happiness. My goal is to publish a "Little Things That Make Me Happy" writing prompt once a week, though I regretfully cannot make any promises.

House plants
There's just something about having potted plants in the house that really brightens up the atmosphere. It makes your space feel so friendly and alive, and there is nothing more satisfying than when my plants are still alive and thriving after weeks of first buying them - it truly feels like an accomplishment to see them grow and continue to bloom over time.

Good books
No amount of technology will ever replace books for me. The way they smell and the way they feel in your hand as you flip through the pages. Cracking open a new book and getting pulled in right away with the excitement or mysterious is my absolute favorite. Escaping the "real world" for a little while. It's crazy how much inspiration books can give and teach you. I love getting lost in between the pages, and I love when the ebb and flow of words melt into each other and before you know it, hours have passed by and you just went on the craziest adventure.  

Clean house
My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning when I'm spending it at home is cleaning. Yes, you read correctly. I love having everything sparkly clean and it makes me feel like a whole new person once I've finished. It's therapeutic and so rewarding when you can open the windows for a fresh air flow and just sit down after a few hours to admire your clean home. 

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