THE LUMINEERS + MORE | January 28th, 2017

Last night I experienced something like none other. I sat in arena filled to the brim with 18,809 other humans and watched Margaret Glaspy, Andrew Bird, and The Lumineers sing it loud and proud. Three indie-folk groups I've been interested in seeing for awhile. Before the show, we stopped at our favorite Fox in the Snow, took a stroll through the German Village, snapped a few photos, and made our way toward the venue. It was an amazing show and if you ever get the chance to see any three of these talented groups live, do yourself a favor and ATTEND THE SHOW. 

Of course I feel obliged to post more photos of Fox in the Snow than necessary, but it's ok! ;-) The show started off at 7 PM with Margaret - which by the way, she sounds just as good in person if not better. Like, her voice is SO good. To be honest, I only knew a few of her songs at the time of the concert, but it was still just as enjoyable of a performance. | Just like with Margaret, I only knew a few Andrew Bird songs, but I was completely blown away. So much talent. And the whistling? Ok, amazing. He played for a good 35 minutes. // (Side note: If you are at a concert and there are people sitting around you, consider NOT trying to carry on a conversation throughout the entire performance because you will make people very mad. Also, if you plan to be on your phone, scrolling through Facebook and Snapchat the entire time, consider dimming your brightness rather than having it on the brightest setting). Yes, that happened. It's irritating that I even have to mention it, but there was a couple trying to carry on a conversation about sports and talk over the music for almost the entire Andrew Bird show. Rant over. // I would share the setlist here on my blog for Margaret and Andrew, but unfortunately they haven't been posted yet! 

When The Lumineers started, the energy of the crowd went from 10 to 100 in a matter of seconds. I think this was probably the largest setting I've been in during a concert and it was such an intense feeling. I've loved The Lumineers ever since their first album was released in 2012, and it was so good to see them live finally. They played all the songs I love the most, as predicted, and I want to say the almost the entire crowd sang along for 99% of show. It was cool because they brought Andrew Bird out for a song during their performance, and Andrew brought Margaret Glaspy out for a song during his. For their last song, Stubborn Love, I can't even tell you how crazy the crowd was.  It was at an all time high. After the last song, the band all hugged and it was so cute and ahhhh. Luckily, I was able to pull up a setlist for The Lumineers! Asterisks for all the songs I love most, double asterisk for double love. 

Submarines *
Flowers in Your Hair *
Ho Hey *
Cleopatra **
Gun Song *
Dead Sea *
Classy Girls
Where the Skies are Blue
Charlie Boy
Slow it Down
Sleep on The Floor **
Angela **
Ophelia **
Big Parade
In the Light
My Eyes
Patience *
Long Way From Home 
This Must Be The Place ft. Andrew Bird (Talking Heads over)
Stubborn Love **

Hopefully up next: Lord Huron & The Head and The Heart. 

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