Protect Your Winter Skin

When winter comes around, my skin takes a hit and I think most people can relate. Don't get me wrong, I love winter, but my lips are always chapped, skin is always dry, and my hair is usually a static mess. Here are a few tips to combat the winter's dry air and save your skin some winter blues.

During the colder season, you might want to sip on hot coffee or cocoa, but it's important to stay hydrated. Make sure you drink the suggest eight glasses of water a day because what happens on the inside also affects the outside, so not only will your body be hydrated but it will hydrate your skin as well.

It's natural instinct to bundle up, but don't just pule on layers. Start with socks and end with a hat, and don't forget about anything in between. Wear gloves if you live in a colder and snowy climate and wear a scarf around your neck to protect your neck and any of your chest that isn't covered by your coat. Staying covered up will not only keep you warm, but also avoid the cold air from stinging your skin.

Keep a good hand lotion and lip balm with you at all times. Your hands are used the most throughout the day, yet it's still easy to forget that they need the most care. Use a heavy moisturizing cream in the morning and evening, and apply some after you wash your hands to prevent drying out from the water and hand soap. I like to dab a little bit of Vaseline on my knuckles once in a while as it helps a lot. Before bed, I like to put some lotion on my feet and throw on some fuzzy warm socks. Winter is when my lips become most chapped, so I like to apply lip balm every night before bed, and then I also keep some with me throughout the day. My favorite go-to is the Burt's Beeswax in mint. If you're going out in extremely low temperatures, you can apply a layer or Vaseline on top of your lip balm to keep the cold off your lips even more.

Wash your hair less
Shampooing your hair actually strips your hair of its natural oils that keep your scalp healthy and moisturized. I feel as though when I wash my hair daily, it becomes more dry and breakable. Over the winter season, hair dries out already from the colder temps. During these months, either consider changing to a shampoo that will provide more moisture than what you normally use, or wash your hair less.

Humidifiers can be a little spendy, but they can be so worth it. To keep the dry air out of your home, turn on a humidifier and let it do it's work. Leave it on while you sleep to wake up with happier skin and clear eyes.


  1. Looooove this post, and your entire blog! xo

  2. we definitely need to moisturise & hydrate more this time of the year. I am definitely washing my hair less, once per week, and dry shampoo is my best friend :D

  3. moisturizing has saved my SOUL. I have really sensitive skin (oily but is super susceptible to dryness) and knowing when to moisturize is so important to me.


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