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When I did my first initial declutter throughout my home, I went from section to section. I started with my wardrobe and moved on to my beauty products in the bathroom cabinet next. I was actually really excited to go through everything because I had so much of it and it was a miserable mess. Makeup, hair products, skin products, lotions, you name it. The end goal was to have an organized and clean space, and only own what I used daily or absolutely loved. It's important to figure out why you want to declutter and clean out your beauty products in the first place. Maybe it's piled way up over time and now you have a rather obnoxiously large collection, or maybe you're trying to switch to an animal cruelty free beauty routine. Whatever the case may be, it's a good thing to do and you'll be glad you did it.

Expiration dates +  ingredients
The first thing you should consider when sorting through your collection is expiration dates the second thing you should consider are the ingredients. Makeup can grow bacteria over time and really shouldn't be kept past the expiration date. When makeup expires, the molecules of it can break down into something else and a skin reaction is possible. If you're looking to cut out certain ingredients from your beauty routine, it can be easier to toss out certain products containing those harsh and toxic chemicals. *cough* parabens, petrolatum, etc. *cough* Unfortunately, the beauty industry isn't very well monitored and there are a lot of chemicals that aren't banned. This is something to be extremely mindful about as our skin is our largest organ and when we apply something, it is absorbed into our bodies.

Consider what you use daily
Once you've eliminated everything that's outdated, find the most commonly used products and set those aside into a new *keep* pile; there's a good chance you will continue to use those until they run out. If there is anything you rarely ever use, say a bright pink lipstick or eye shadow, toss it out. You probably won't use it again and hanging on to it will only be pointless. I keep two small makeup bags in my cabinet: one for the minimal makeup I use daily, and a second one for the makeup I don't wear every day but I still like and use it enough to keep.

Use up what's left
When I was going through my stuff, I was a little hesitant to throw anything out that no longer suited me because I couldn't help but feel like it would be wasteful and I'd be practically throwing money away. If you have three different foundations and two mascaras, use everything up before you repurchase again. It's fun to try new things once in awhile and it's a wonderful feeling when you discover a new product that fits your every need. However, you may have something similar at homes so finish what you have and then purchase the new product.

A little goes a long way
There's this misconception that the more products you use, the better you skin will become. Brands coming out with numerous cleansers and scrubs, telling you that you need A, B, and C for the perfect glowing skin you dream of having. Wrong. Paring down your beauty routine into something easier to stick with for the long run will make for a healthier complexion. Focus your routine on easy steps, wash with a gentle cleanser, use a moisturizer is necessary, and go with feels right for you. Keep an eye on your portions - using less at a time will result in longer lasting products... saving money, buying less, you get the idea.

Choose natural products + simple packaging
The thing with natural products with good ingredients is that they don't last even half as long as conventional beauty products. They don't contain all the toxic preservatives and such. By choosing more natural products, you can own less and actually finish them rather than owning 20 different products that you've been holding onto for a long time. By choosing simple packaging, you can reduce your carbon footprint even just slightly.

With all that said, I hope I've given you some helpful tips to get a good start going. Give yourself the chance to reconsider everything sitting in the closet. Are there any unnecessary steps that slow you down in the morning? We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and let go of things that no longer serve us. I also wanted to quick mention that I have a created a request page! A place where you can go to send in requests for anything you'd like to see on the blog. While this blog is for me as a hobby and creative outlet, it's more so for you. It's yours to read and be inspired by, and I want to know what you guys want next! I will be linking the request page at the end of every blog post from here on out. Click here to head over and send in your input, otherwise, go to I look forward to hearing from you! xx


  1. I need to go and do this to my collection. I seem to just keep everything and never look at the expiration dates. It's a good reminder and now I'm going to do this right now 😀

  2. I totally need to do this! Thanks for the tips :)

  3. This sounds like something I need ot do, but I actually have a major love for stuff! I should, however clean out the expiring items as you suggested!

  4. I just cleaned my make up set end of last year. Well, technically, I didn't really clean 'coz I threw out all of them and bought new ones. I have been using those make-ups for I don't know how long and I'm not even sure if they are expired or not. How would I know if it is expired or not?

    1. Thats a good question! I usually give foundations, lotions, and lip products a maximum of 2 years but that's just be. I checked the web and found this website: < > maybe that will help! :)


  5. I am all about minimalism in clothing but had never considered beauty products. Thank you for the solid tips!

  6. Perfect tips. I try to do exactly this I don't buy new till I am done with the old products.

  7. I agree all we must check for expiration date. I also never bay new until I finished the last product.

  8. I declutter my makeup very rarely, but as you mentioned in the post, I should really do it more often! I definitely agree with what you said about less is more with beauty routines, that's the best and healthiest way to go!



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