Jasmine Clementine Bath Salts: Review

Another product review, yay!! So, I want to start off the review with a little background story of how this review came about. On Instagram, I discovered a botanical gift store located near me that I didn't even know existed! Their Instagram feed was filled with beautiful photos of plants, decor, and gifty knick-knacks galore. Of course, I'm a big supporter of small businesses and anything earthy and quirky, so I wanted to just check this place out. Well, needless to say, I picked up this small jar of bath salts. Biggest reason? There are flower petals mixed in with the salt, and anytime there are dried flower petals or anything of the sort included, I am ALL about it. Also, because bubble baths make me happy. So here we are today, talking about the Jasmine and Clementine Bath Salts by Benjamin Soap Co.

Ingredients are listed right smack dab on the front of the jar, and everything looks good. I checked out the companies website, where they stated that they always test on people, never animals. One point for Benjamin Soap Co. Hand poured ingredients, and sourced locally when available. Zero GMO's, artificial colors, and artificial ingredients. Ten points for Benjamin Soap Co. You can check out their website by clicking here if you want to read more.  It's also important that I should mention: No, I was not reached out to by the company to talk about their products. I had a genuine interest and everything I say is coming from me and my true opinion. I love sharing and supporting small brands, and whenever I find one that grabs my interest, I want to show them some love on my blog! The bath salt costed $15 which is a decent price; supporting smaller brands sometimes means paying a little extra. But then again, you are buying a quality product. You get what you pay for and so on. There really isn't too much else to say except that my bath was lovely once I poured some of this in. It smelled great and the flowers were a nice touch. It's just fun to take a bath and add flower petals, ok? It really doesn't take that much per bath so I imagine this will last me a good while. I do recommend anyone interested in natural body products to check out Benjamin Soap Co. Even if you aren't really concerned about "natural" products, still check them out. Maybe you'll change your mind. As for this jar of bath salts, I would recommend it to anyone really. Anyone who enjoys taking relaxing, aromatherapeutic baths. 


I also wanted to back myself up on the whole minimalism thing real quick. Some of you may be thinking, "Ok. If you're a minimalist, why are you buying stuff like this?" And that's totally understandable. The thing is, I don't buy stuff like this often, and when I do, I like to support small companies and then if it turns out to be a really good product, I'll share it with you. Sure, I don't "need" it and it's not essential to my everyday lifestyle. But it's ok to treat yourself once in awhile, especially if you put intention behind it. And sure, I don't really "need" to be justifying myself here on this matter, but there is a lot of criticism when it comes to the minimalist topic on the internet and I do want to remain credible with my minimalism journey, SO I'm ok with explaining myself with these sort of things :-) Don't forget you can send in blog post requests if there is anything you'd like to see from me in the future! Just click here to give me your input! Also, if you'd like to subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel, click here!

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