Tips For Mindful Single-Tasking

Mindfulness (noun)
1. The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
2. A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. 

Eat breakfast without checking your phone
Eat slow and savor every bite. Enjoy the quiet moment before your busy day that lies ahead. Read the newspaper. Pretend your phone doesn't exist, in fact, don't even bring it to the table. Leave it far out sight. Listen to the birds chirping outside.

Watch a movie from start to finish without distractions
Put your phone away and don't look at it again for the night. Watch the entire movie, paying attention to every detail and scene.

Listen to an album all the way through
Find your favorite album and listen to it all the way to end. With apps such as Pandora and Spotify, we're constantly skipping from artist to artist and genre to genre. It feels good to listen to an entire album.

Simply sit and observe when you're on the train, taxi, or bus
Observe and study the people around you. Look out the window and watch everything you pass by. Pay attention to the way people carry themselves and speak to each other.

Focus on the art of listening instead of talking
Listen to others talk. Let them finish what they have to say. Listen to the sounds around, notice their vibrations. Sit in the woods and listen to the earthly sounds surrounding you, or sit in a crowded coffeehouse, listening to all the sounds down to every last coffee cup being set down. Speak less, listen more. 

Have a morning ritual and stick with it
Create a morning routine to start your day off the right way. Maybe you like to wake up extra early and take a walk, or maybe you like to hit the gym before work.

Declutter your workspace
I particularly like to keep my space at work extra organized and free of clutter so I am able to stay focused. While it's nice to have a few framed photos on your desk, it's also nice to keep the papers piles at a minimum low. Figure out a good organizational system for your desk area and enjoy the peace of mind it will present you.

Detox from technology one day a week
Pick a day out of the week and stay signed off from all social media. Ignore your phone as much as possible and keep the TV turned off. Instead, play with your pet or go for a walk. Work on a project you've been meaning to finish. Clean your house. Do anything your little heart desires most that doesn't require any technology.

Divide your tasks into 20 minute intervals
Stop trying to do everything at once. Because ultimately, you're going to be half-a**ing without even realizing because you aren't putting full concentration in. Instead, allow yourself twenty minutes for each task you're trying to complete. Finish one, and move onto the next.

Keep one browser window open at a time online
I've been so guilty of this - I think we all have. However, I'm writing, I like to keep only one browser open so I'm able to focus 100% on writing instead of checking what's new on Facebook or Instagram. I feel as though I'm able to accomplish more with only one browser tab or window open.

Slow down your evening with a night ritual 
Maybe you like to end your day with a long bubble bath and a book, or maybe you prefer to meditate. Whatever the case may be, find what you calms you down and make a routine out of it.

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