Setting Intentions In The New Year

With 2016 coming to a close, now is a perfect time to sit quietly and reflect on the year that now stands in the past and look towards the year in the future ahead. While January 1st is technically just another day, it also symbolizes a fresh start. A clean slate to assess what wasn't working out in the prior year and what intentions and improvements can be set for the coming year. I know a lot of people view New Year's Resolutions as pretty cliché and I'll admit that many do go unsuccessful. It seems we receive so many messages from the media stating how the start of the year is the last and only chance to shape a new and better year.

"Lose those last 20 pounds, now, once and for all!"
"If I don't give up sugar this year, then I've really failed."

But I really don't like the whole now-or-never attitude, and I think it can cause a lot of overwhelming and, well, unnecessary pressure. There's a fear of failure and sense of apprehensiveness and nervousness and I think it can really set a person back. Be kind to yourself. Switch it around and manifest the power of positive affirmation. Instead of focusing solely on losing those pounds, focus on leading a healthier lifestyle. Welcome new energies into your life rather than completely stomping out old habits. Write out your resolutions, carefully wording them so they are positive intentions  rather than harsh resolutions. Then stick them to the fridge or pin them or a board where you can see your new year intentions daily. Here are a few great examples:

- I will practice more self love
- I will make authentic connections with more people, and be inspired by new friendships
- I will inspire and spark creativity by reading more books, and spending less time on electronics
- I will love and honor my mind, body, and soul by committing to yoga and meditation at least five times a week

What are your intentions for the new year? Leave them down in the comments! 

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