Reasons Your Uniqueness is Beautiful

It's so crazy to think that there are billions of humans walking on this planet right now, and yet not one person is exactly the same. Even identical twins aren't exactly the same. Even the humans who walked before us: not one of them was exactly the same as anyone here now. We're not meant to be just like one another and I think we're put here to carve out our own paths; to learn from our own experiences, to inspire others along the way, and to create as many beautiful things as possible. As the earth continues to spin and days go on, I feel as though I'm becoming more myself and I am tuning more into what what inspires me and what makes me feel. I've somewhat identified what puts apart from everyone else, but I am still continuing to lean and discover new bits. With the ever so "perfect world" realm of social media, it's easy to get wrapped up in others' work, start comparing, and forget what makes us so special and unique, ourselves. BUT, it's important to continue to realize and embrace the beauty of your very own uniqueness. You are a piece of art. The way you think, the way you look, the way you speak. Every bit of you comes together as a brilliant and masterpiece work of art.

YOU are the only YOU
You were given a combination of mind, body, and soul that no one else will ever have. Your talents, interests, thoughts, opinions, ideas, your desires and dreams... there is not one other person whose combination of these things matches yours. Each and every single individual has their own unique set of traits, giving them the potential to do many things that have never been done before. 

Your perspective is like no other
Not one person has the exact same life. You've experienced many things others haven't, and the events leading up to those experiences may have influenced your perspective on them. While many, if not most, of your experiences have occurred alongside other people, no one as shared all of them with you, and especially not in the very same way. Your perspective and outlook on life is unlike anyone else's and that in itself is part of your power. Only you can see the world through your eyes. Cherish it completely and whole-heartedly. 

You're a source of inspiration 
Just as you look up to others, there are countless humans who look up to you the same. Even if it may not feel like it at times, there are people who view you as incredibly inspirational. Be confident in who you are and be proud of what you create. Don't be afraid to share some of your secrets if it may help others come more into themselves.

Only you unlock your truest potential
Perhaps the craziest part about being uniquely you is that no one has ever done it before. No limits, no boundaries set, just you. Fresh and brand new. While others can offer advice and guidance, it's truly only you can that bring out what you are most capable of. Where will you go in life? What will you do? The canvas is blank and there are no wrong answers, just beautifully and interestingly different ones.


  1. This is a great post. It's so surreal to think there is no one else like us. But a great reminder at the same time!

  2. This is really inspirational! I totally agree, we are all so unique as individuals there's no way we could possibly be anyone else...and why would we even want to, is my question.

  3. This is such a great post ❤ it's a great feeling to realise how great your uniqueness is, and how amazing this journey with oneself is.

  4. CLAPPING. Love this so much! It's crazy to think about sometimes how were all the same biologically, technically, but we lead individual and TOTALLY different lives! We could've been shaped into anything during our lifetimes, but here we are, as we are. And it's beautiful.


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