Quick Bedroom Refresh!

If you're like me, your bedroom is your sanctuary, your safe place. Your place of inspiration and relaxation. And with that, it deserves to look it's best. Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your day (if you think about). You sleep here, your mind and body unwinds. Dreams are created here, and comfort is achieved when your room is feeling organized, well-kept, and clean. Set aside twenty minutes once or twice out of your week to give it a refreshment. If I'm being honest, I get a pure joy out of cleaning and I probably do this more than once or twice a week but that's beside the point... I have created some tips, or, rather, a to-do list for your 20 minute weekly bedroom pick-me-up. If you can get straight to business and not let yourself be distracted, this really should only take you about 20 minutes.

Your floor is made for walking, not collecting. Throw your dirty clothes in a hamper, and if I might add, start a load of clothes in the washer. Don't wait until the weekend. Put your shoes in your closet and close the closet door. Put any books you may have sitting beside your bed *ehem, guilty* and place them back on your book shelf. Vacuum if needed.

Grab your second pair of linen from your linen closet and swap out old bedding with new clean sheets. This really only needs to be done once a week or bi-weekly. Swap out pillow cases as well. If you're having troubles with acne and haven't switch your pillow case in awhile, that could be a factor. Keep your bed made daily.

Wipe down or dust all surfaces to remove any dust that may have collected and wipe down mirror(s) as well as window to remove any smudges, dust, or marks.

Prop open a window and leave it open for as long as you please. Hello fresh air, goodbye stale. Even if it's chilly outside or during the winter, crack open your window and leave it for a few minutes. This makes such a difference and it's probably the easiest bedroom refresher.

Grab a trash bag and walk around the room, picking up anything needing to be thrown away. Empty the wastebasket in your bedroom if you have one and place trash bag next to door to be taken out once you've finished your room.

Go outside and snip a few greens or flowers from a bush or plant. Place in a mason jar and set next to your bed or on your dresser for some earthiness. Having fresh cut flowers always seems to do the trick if you're looking for a quick natural refreshment.

Grab your pillowcases and a light-smelling spray. I mixed up lavender essential oil and water for a relaxing bed mist. Lightly spray your pillow (and your comforter, or throughout the air for extra freshness), and then press your pillowcases until all of the wrinkles are out. Falling asleep on crisp folds is a dream.

Swap out a throw pillow from the living room, stack a few new books on bedside, or toss a cute blanket over your bed. Adding new little touches will surprise you the next time you walk into your room.

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