30 Day Minimalism Challenge

With the new year officially here, I know you are all excited to maintain your new year's resolutions, right? Maybe you're looking for some life simplicity in the new year. Maybe you're looking for some head space and internal happiness on top of that simplicity. Our lives can all get a little hectic at times and I think we can all use some more extra clarity and ease. Here's a 30 day minimalism challenge to try in the new year. Or maybe you can start now. Why wait? 

Day 1. Stay offline for an entire day
Constant social media and news streams drain us and keep us in a state of distraction. Log off for the day and enjoy the simplicity and calmness of being disconnected.

Day 2. Meditate for 15 minutes
Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, and can really increase your energy and mental clarity. You don't even have to take of some of the tricky poses - just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. If you're completely new to meditation, check out the app Headspace! I started using the app not too long ago and it's great; it walks you through the steps and starts off with short sessions. 

Day 3. Declutter your digital life
Delete any unnecessary files or photos you no longer need. Create an organizational and structured folder system to organize your files.

Day 4. Zero complaint day
Challenge yourself to not complain once today. Complaining does nothing productive and does not help your well being. Either accept a situation and move on from it, or find a solution to it.

Day 5. Identify 3-6 main priorities
Decide what matters most to you in your life and what makes you happiest. Find a way to include more of that into your daily life.

Day 6. Create a morning ritual
What must you do in order to start your day off right? Take something productive such as yoga, journaling, reading, or meditation right when you wake up rather than checking your phone and social media.

Day 7. Clean out your purse+wallet/billfold
A purse can be one (or all) of many things: a jungle in which you are absolutely unable to find anything you are looking for inside, a collector of old receipts and loose change, or a clean space where you daily essentials are stored. Typically, it will most likely fall under the first two categories.

Day 8. Learn to enjoy solitude
Spend some alone time without electronics to distract you. Pay attention to how it feels to be in complete solitude.

Day 9. Downsize your beauty collection
Declutter and organize your beauty products. Throw out any expired items and wipe everything down. Remove anything from your collection that you never use and instead only takes up space.

Day 10. No social media or emails until after lunch
Start your morning off by attempting to get as much of your work done as possible! Pay no attention to the emails sitting in your inbox - they will still be there later.

Day 11. Evaluate your commitments
Write down all of your commitments and separate the ones you only keep up out a feeling of obligation from the ones you truly enjoy and find meaningful. Do you really want to keep all of these or do you maybe want to let a couple go?

Day 12. Define your goals for this year
Choose realistic, attainable, and exciting goals for this year. Align your daily actions with your true priorities.

Day 13. Clean out your closet
Spend an afternoon going through your wardrobe piece by piece and removing anything that doesn't make you feel inspired and confident. Check out this post on my blog with tips just for that!

Day 14. Take a step towards learning a new skill
Set aside some time and choose a skill you've always been curious about, gather whatever you need and get started. 

Day 15. Examine your daily habits

Which of your habits from your morning to night routine could use some improvement? Which habits should you drop and what are some habits you should maybe pick up?

Day 16. Don't buy anything for 24 hours
Go for 24 hours without buying absolutely anything - even food or essentials. See how you feel. Maybe you'll feel so great and you'll continue to do another 24 hour shopping fast the very next day. 

Day 17. Practice single-tasking
It feels amazing to do one thing at a time, mindfully and with intention. We can get so caught up in multitasking and it's so energy-draining. Check out a previous post of mine with tips for single-tasking

Day 18. Go for a walk and practice mindfulness
Learning expands your horizon and can be so much fun! Today, pick a skill you have always been curious about, gather whatever you need and get started!

Day 19. Unfollow and unfriend

Be selective about who you follow on social media, it's quite liberating. Unfriend anyone you haven't spoken to in years.

Day 20. No TV all day, read instead
Instead of your evening with a couple of episodes of your favorite show, cuddle up on the couch with a book instead! Electronic devices emit a blue light that disturbs our melatonin production and reduces focus and sleep quality. Give yourself a break!

Day 21. Journal for twenty minutes
Writing can be so therapeutic. It helps to organize your thoughts and de-stress. Sit down for twenty minutes and write about anything that comes to mind. Consider incorporating a quick daily writing session into your daily routine.

Day 22. Create a relaxing bedtime routine
Meditation, bubble baths, and good reads? Figure out what works best for you to properly wind down at the end of the day to improve your sleep. Do some writing. Drink some tea. Set things out for the following day. 

Day 23. Go bare-faced
Let your face breathe and wear zero makeup for the day. You may discover that you actually can get by most days without some of the products you though absolutely needed which can simplify your daily routine!

Day 24. Practice gratitude
Write a list of ten things you are absolutely so grateful for in life. Minimalism is all about being mindful and appreciating the little things that are already part of your everyday life.

Day 25. Leave a whole day unplanned
It feels great to have nothing planned for the entire day and to just let things pan out as they come.

Day 26. Identify your stress triggers
Take note of your stress levels with your different daily activities. Once you've figured out your stress triggers, figure out how you can prevent them in the future. 

Day 27. Clear out your junk drawer
We all have one. Go through it and give it a good organizational system. Remove the useless "junk". Make it a goal to not have a junk drawer anymore, yes? 

Day 28. Let go of a goal
We can accomplish anything we want in life, but not everything. Is there something you've been meaning to achieve but it's holding you back from achieving something else in life?

Day 29. Turn off notifications
Enjoy a day without any notifications. Check feeds only during designated times. You may enjoy this so much that you'll keep notifications off for good.

Day 30. Evaluate your last five purchases
Look at the last purchases you made: were they necessary? Could you have done without them? If so, can you live eliminate some of them next time? Can you improve your purchasing decisions for the future? Develop more ethical spending habits and consume less. It's the key to living a simpler life. 


  1. This is a great post! I really think it is important to be intentional about what we do and who we surround ourselves and what we let enter our lives.

  2. soo much challenges for the new year damn i cant keep up but amma try this no doubt! seem real interested.

  3. Definitely incorporating some of these into my New Year's resolutions!


  4. Some great suggestions. Mine are to prioritise and not sweat about the little stuff. I'm going to write down some achievable goals.

  5. Yay!!! I'm gonna try this out. Day 1 is gonna be the hardest. Lol. But I'm willing to try.

  6. I need this in my life! I've letter clutter and chaos take over and minimalism sounds like exactly what would put me in a better direction for the new year.

  7. Totally adding a lot of this to my new year resolutions, and I'm sure they'd do amazing things for me if I can!

  8. I should try this out for sure! I so need to declutter in a lot of areas.

  9. Gosh I love this! I've never tried a 30 Day Challenge like this, I must add it into my goals for the new year!

  10. Some of these are really good others thank fully don't pertain to me but would be fun if I did the opposite of. I know at the end it may not have done much but if it could be repeated for a couple months some of these good habits would stick and it would be for the better.

  11. These are such great things to integrate into the new year! I'll definitely be doing these things too!

  12. I love that everyone is coming up with 30 day challenges. I want to try this one as well. I love that each day is really contributing to working on yourself.

    Isaly Holland

  13. Oh these are cool! Though in my case some in this list quite not a challenge to me because its been part of my lifestyle. I think staying offline for a day is a challenge.. unless i have no battery power :)

  14. Omg love this! I NEED to do some of these - Starting with the un-friending on social media! It's important to make space in your life and sometimes that starts with 30 days of scaling down! Love it


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