2016 Recap

2016 is about to wrap up and close out, and I wanted to take the time on The Ivory Fawn to reflect back on the year that now lies in the past. I have been continuously seeing posts all over social media how everyone is so ready for the year to be over. It has been quite the *exhausting* year in politics, we've lost a number of beloved actors and musicians, and a lot of other distraught occurrences have taken place all around the world. I do, however, feel hat a lot of good has happened in 2016 as well, and I think it's important to focus on those things just as much if not more. Surround yourself with good thoughts and happy energy, right? In short, here's a quick personal timeline from my 2016.

January: I discovered minimalism while watching some videos on Youtube, and my interest in minimalism really grew from the start. I've done a lot of reading and research since then, and I've adapted my lifestyle in a way to simplify things a bit more and it's been a great change.

March: I purchased my macro lens - woo hoo! 

April: I celebrated my 21st birthday with some friends and it turned out a lot better than I originally thought it would. I spent the day with my hubby visiting the 2nd street farmers market, stopped at Ghostlight Coffee  (my fave in town), and enjoyed the evening socializing with friends at The Greene - Bar Louie to be exact. 

May: I had my very first client! I did a family photo session for some friends of mine, and while I was extremely nervous for it, it turned out great and I overcame that small fear of not producing "good enough" images to sell. Since then, I've done quite a handful of sessions and I've noticed progression with each one. 

June: I had the opportunity to experience a Florence and the Machine / Of Monsters and Men concert at the Blossom Music Center - something I will never forget. I also took a trip back home to visit friends and family for the summer, and a lot of great memories were made. 

July: We were graced with the new Netflix series, Stranger Things. Yes, I had to add this to my list of yearly highlights, because I'm still not over that show.

September: My mother drove nine hours to visit as well as run in a marathon. Go mom!

October: The first year in a good while that I actually dressed up for Halloween. Wednesday Addams was my character and I think I pulled her off quite well. 

November: I discovered a new coffee shop, Fox in the Snow. DREAMY. Since then, we've made more frequent trips to Columbus for coffee and city photo-shoots. A great combo, am I right? 

December: I had the chance to see a live performance of the Nutcracker ballet, a childhood dream. 

Another year has come and gone yet again. Sitting here, only hours shy of 2017 and looking back at this time exactly one year ago, I've come along way with blogging and snappin' photos. I finally got the hang of shooting in manual and have learned so many small editing tips and tricks over the course of the last 9 months. I hit my one year mark with The Ivory Fawn in November, and over the past year, it's been viewed in many other countries such as Germany, England, Ireland, France, China, South Korea, India, Austria, Jamaica, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Portugal and many, many more - something I'm really excited about. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE READ MY BLOG. Thank you to all who have sent in requests and feedback. I can't thank you enough. I didn't really give myself a post-count goal for the year, but I'm two short of 100 posts for the year and that's an accomplishment in itself to me. Great things have happened at work this year and I've met some incredible people. It's been a year. A year for personal development, learning, and growing. While those were just a few highlights from my year, I'm sure there were many other small victories and moments that aren't coming to mind. I'm curious to know about your happy memories in 2016! Let me know down below in the comment section.

So, what's next for 2017?
A lot! I have a lot of goals and exciting things planned out for the incoming year and I'm excited to share it all with you on The Ivory Fawn.  Stay tuned because I have some neat things coming. I hope you all have a great New Year and I thank you all for your continued support.
Much love from The Ivory Fawn xx


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