November 5th, 2016 | Diary of a Blogger

Today was a rather great day. It's not often that I venture into Columbus as I don't really care for the drive and I typically don't like to spend money, but today was a trip just to explore and just get away for awhile. There's this crazy thing that seems to happen every time we go somewhere out of the norm - there's always something going on involving extra people around. People crowded the streets as a Ohio Buckeye's football took place - yippee. Parking nearby was definitely not going to happen so we parked 10 blocks away and took a nice stroll down to the shops. I stopped at Urban Outfitters, my somewhat guilty pleasure. Ever since I started this whole minimalism thing, I've become extremely hesitant and critical with everything I may potentially purchase. I ask myself first and foremost, do I actually need this item? Like, need-need. Secondly, I ask myself if I'm actually in love with the item. Will I get much use out of it? And usually if it passes the test, I'm still a little hesitant. However, I did need a new pair of jeans as I really don't buy those very often and I needed to restock on my bergamot and rose *fragrance* oil. I happily walked out of the store with a grin on my face because I had found a pair that fit me to a dime - something that rarely happens.

There's this coffee shop in town that I discovered via Instagram and I wanted to add it my "been to" coffee shop list. It's called, "Fox in the Snow Cafe." This place was so darn aesthetically appealing, it's not even funny. So, of course I whipped out my phone to capture the beauty - I have to be one of those people once in awhile. Industrial atmosphere with plants and potted trees galore. The grey brick with black trim was a nice touch, too. And the windows. The WINDOWS. I'd like to think the place  used to be an auto shop because the garage doors were still present - but now transformed into windows, and they had them open due to the beautiful weather...forgot take a photo to show you, darn the luck. Thanks to Google though, the *borrowed* photo down gives a better glimpse. My long term dream is to open a coffee shop somewhere on the map (Washington?) with Stacey, and so I like to stop at as many as I can and get a feel for the different coffeehouse atmospheres out there. Plus I'm a big fan of the locally owned and small business world so I like to check out and support from time to time. 

The drinks were pretty great. It was a little crowded indoors so we stepped out back where they had an enclosed area with wooden tables, trees, and plants. The experience was extremely enjoyable and I'd go back again. I give Fox in the Snow Cafe 10/10.

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