November 25th, 2016 | Diary of a Blogger

Rainy, gloomy days are my absolute favorite. A walk in the park on a gloomy day with a camera in hand is another favorite. Cobble-stone roads, gas lamps, and a few flowers left over from the summer time. I promise I'm not obsessed with my feet, that would be weird, I just really like these shoes of mine and deem them worthy enough for a few photos here and there. Plus, I just thought a photo of me standing next to a puddle on the stone road would be too cool. A trip to Columbus wouldn't really be a trip to Columbus without stopping at my favorite coffee shop, now would it? Here are some photos from yet another day trip. If anyone is wondering, I shot with a 50mm, a lens that has become my favorite, and I typically stick with f 1.8, no higher than f 3.5. Shutter speed really just varies, as you can imagine. Also I've listed a few songs throughout this post which are perfect for a gloomy, autumn day.

Isobel Anderson - Botanical Romance 

Jake Bugg - Simple As This

Amy Winehouse - Black to Black

The Last Shadow Puppets - Meeting Place

Keenan O'Meara - Might as Well Swim

Jealous of the Birds - Tonight I Feel Like Kafka 

Palace - Bitter 

Gregory Alan Isakov - Sea And The Salt

 Alt J - Nara

Lord Huron - Frozen Pines

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