November 18th, 2016 | Diary Of A Blogger

Today has been FUH-REEZING, but to tell you the truth, I'm kind of enjoying it. The wind, however, not so much. We drove to Columbus with the intention of taking a tour through the fine arts museum but later decided against it.  A stop was made at the Fox in the Snow Cafe (of course), and it began to briefly SNOW. I enjoy that little place so much. Tasty drinks, refreshing atmosphere, and friendly baristas. I really wanted to visit the German Village as I've heard interesting things about it so we made our way through downtown until we reached the cobblestone, woodsy streets with *beautifully old* large, brick homes. Truthfully, I don't think we saw the "core" of the German Village because I think there are supposed to be cafes and shops, but we couldn't find it. We walked around a neighborhood park with a duck pond and large trees spewing out all the fiery shades of autumn foliage and I took advantage of all the photo opportunities (minus the ducks, I hate getting too close to ducks). I'VE OFFICIALLY GOT THE MANUAL THING DOWN so  I've been even more stoked about photography lately. It was growing extremely cold as the minutes passed and I tried to suck it up for a little while but honestly, my bare hands were not taking it any longer. Here are some photos I (and Stacey) managed to take today. Enjoy ~

(S/O to iPhone photos ^)

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