Minimalism | Why I Gravitate Toward It

Everyone has their own personal reasons for removing unwanted distractions and possessions in their lives. Maybe it's to save money and pay off some debt, or maybe they just crave the more simple lifestyle. I've been focusing a lot on minimalism here on my blog for quite awhile now and I've realized that I haven't yet shared my reasons for going down the minimalism path, so I figured it was about time. I first discovered minimalism in the beginning of 2016. My interest really sparked when I stumbled upon a video on YouTube about decluttering your closet and owning only the clothes that you truly love. Looking back, I can remember having to put a lot of effort into spreading clothes hangers just so I could fit one more shirt in my closet. I can also remember looking at a rather large wardrobe and thinking to myself in panic that I had nothing to wear. I was just so distracted by everything hanging up in my closet that I didn't truly love. Maybe it was a dress that didn't fit right or it just wasn't my style, but rather a style I wish I had. Over the past six months, my wardrobe has decreased in size over half and I'm no longer worrying about what I am going to wear. My life has simplified significantly in that aspect: I am spending less time worrying about what I will wear and I'm spending less money on clothes. My interest for minimalism has flourished even more since then and I am finding myself more and more interested in all avenues of it. I'm loving the whole "be more with less" perspective. Previously, so many extra little unnecessary things were distracting me from what I wanted in life. Some were privileges that I really did not need. However, I have my reasons and I thought I would share them with you.

This is definitely the biggest reason I have for changing my lifestyle. I craved freedom in a physical, psychological, and financial sense. There was huge weight on my shoulders with clutter scattered throughout my home. What if I decided to pack up and move across the country spontaneously? How long would it truly take me to pack everything up? How much would it cost for transportation? Would I even want to bring everything with me? What if this stuff, this clutter prevents me from doing what I want in life? Extra stuff can also enslave us through the debt used to pay for it. The more money we owe, the more we are working to pay back and opportunities become limited thus limiting our freedom.

I felt the tug and pull of needing more clarity in my life. Having extra things lying around the house caused distraction and frustration. However, once I started to get rid of that extra clutter, I was able to see and think more clearly and perform better concentration. There were less interruptions, and I was able to focus on what was really important to me. My space became easier to clean and more visually pleasing - all thanks to owning less.

While decluttering is a big part of minimalism, keeping the clutter out is just as important. Getting into the mindset of having less, I've noticed a greater sense of control. I'm more deliberate about what I spend my money on and the outcome of that is money saved; I'm more deliberate about what I keep, and also what I eliminate from my life, and that has done wonders for me.

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