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There's this little book that's been receiving some major attention lately. If you haven't heard of it, it's called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. I remember browsing through Barnes and Noble at the beginning of the year and it caught my eye immediately by it's turquoise and white cover with a title in a bright red font. It was rather eye-catching, but more importantly, I really was drawn to the content of the book. I've always been a bit of a neat freak and ever since my first first * extremely minor* declutter when I was a teenager, I've always been somewhat aware of the joyous feeling of decluttering. In short, the book somewhat sways towards minimalism, but it more so focuses on discarding items from your home that no longer spark joy. She gives a good "how-to" when going about your entire home without feeling overwhelmed. There's a good chance I will review the book at a later time on my blog, but for now I want to share with you the KonMari folding technique because it's rather genius.

KonMari believes that most of our clothes would be better off folded in our dresser rather than hanging up in the closet. She has a specific method of folding and arranging so that you are able to see everything contained  in the drawer without digging around. I personally do not fold my dresses and most of my shirts because I do not have enough dresser space and I like things hung up anyway. If, like me, you do hang your clothes in the closet, Marie advises hanging clothes so that the line along the bottom slopes upward, adding an optimistic zing. Here is the simple KonMari vertical fold, which can be applied to everything from pants to t-shirts to undergarments. First, fold into a long rectangle, then fold from bottom up into a little package:

KonMari's vertical folding technique is extremely easy and creates a neat-looking fabric origami. She suggests using shoeboxes as drawer dividers to keep folds standing nicely at attention. A smaller box works perfect for square scarves and a deep one can go in the bottom drawer for sweaters. Once you've banished the clutter and put things away, there's breathing room and you no longer have that awkward arm wrestle with your clothing racks.

I personally like this folding method a lot because I can perfectly see everything in my drawers and I don't have to dig around and mess up anything folded because I can see exactly what is and what isn't there without touching anything. I don't use shoeboxes as I just find I do not need them but I can definitely see how they would come in handy, especially for much smaller pieces. I love the clean and minimal look it creates. The fold is extremely easy to do and takes very little time to complete!

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