Cultivate a Minimalist Wardrobe

Rather than enjoying the benefit and simplicity of owning fewer clothes, many people buy into the convincing lie that more is better. We accumulate more and more clothing each season, each year. Maybe you're considering a different route with your life. Let's say you're trying to downsize your wardrobe and so far you've eliminated quite a bit, but you still have a lot left. It's important to be selective and reserve your closet space only for the pieces that you 100% love. Here are a few steps to further the process towards a minimalist wardrobe:

Choose a color palette
Most people already have a few favorite colors that they wear most often anyway. They like the way they look in those particular colors and they feel most confident in them. Choosing clothes in a similar palette means that you can mix and match and you know that anything you pull out of the drawer will most likely match the next. Maybe, like me, you aim for more earthy tones, or maybe you like to stick to neutrals: black, grey, beige, white. Maybe your color palette is even red, yellow, and blue. Regardless of specifics, if you're trying to pare down your wardrobe, the first and foremost step is to pick a collection of colors that you love and really commit to that palette.

Keep only what looks best on you
If there is something in your closet that you love but you don't feel the most confident in it, remove it. Maybe it's a size too small or a size too big. This part can be hard because you have to be honest with yourself. You have to admit to yourself that some things just don't look the best on you and that is perfectly fine! Some people say it's good to keep clothes like that around in case your weight fluctuates, but I think it's better to just focus on what you can currently wear. If you own a dress that's too short on you but you think it's the absolute cutest dress ever, it really comes down to whether you're going to actually ever wear it in public.

Eliminate duplicates
Unless you are required to wear black t-shirts for your job, there is no reason to keep five black t-shirts. If you have 8 pairs of jeans, maybe you'd want to consider eliminating a few of your less favorites.

Forget fast fashion
If you're constantly getting caught up in the latest fads and tends, you'll never be satisfied with what you currently have. Choose items to keep that you truly love and can see yourself still wearing years from now. Forget the conventional style typologies and create your own unique look. Be authentic.

Consider a capsule wardrobe
When downsizing, a capsule wardrobe may not be your first step as it much, much smaller than a typical wardrobe, but it is something many swear by. It is a small collection of 20-40 items including clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Basically it is a strictly small collection of your absolute favorites and only that. People typically have 4 seasonal capsule collections in one year and many of the items appear in more than capsule. Click here if you'd like to read more on capsule wardrobes and why to start one.

Creating a minimalist wardrobe isn't about going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. It is, rather, about conscious consumption. Take a look at what's currently hanging in your closet and determine what you still truly need and no longer need. A minimalist wardrobe can consist of anywhere from 15 items to 100 items and the most important thing to remember is to never compare your "minimalistic lifestyle" to someone else's. Minimalism is different for every single person. My closet definitely doesn't look anywhere near close to someone of my favorites Youtubers' closets and that's OK. The next time you clean out your wardrobe, take these tips into consideration and share them with your friends if you find them helpful! 

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