Don't Quit Your Daydream

As artists or creative entrepreneurs, dreaming is so important - whether it be daydreaming or wandering off into the different dream realms in our sleep. Dreaming helps to vitalize and recharge our creative side as well as increase imagination and intuitive capabilities. As an artist or creator, you're constantly coming up with new ideas ...while at the same time running to new obstacles and creative clumps along the way. When we dream, we find new patterns. We find creative new ways to break through a rut, and we work with ourselves. When the "dreaming mind" cycles through different areas of the brain, it accesses information that was before out of reach. Connections are made between different bits of data that you may have never even considered in your waking or "normal" thoughts. So many new ideas can be created by paying closer attention to our sub-conscious.

As a kid, I spent at least half of my time daydreaming. I can vividly remember playing in the backyard, pretending I was in a completely different world. Waking up on the weekend and spending a few hours in my bed "somewhere else," skimming through books, playing scenes in my head that were as clear as movies, or recalling dreams I was creating the hour before. However, as we grow older, we tend to daydream a lot less. Distractions seem to become more prominent. Most of our time is occupied by tending to our needs and the needs of others, work, and we're such busy people with complex lives and of course we just couldn't admit that daydreaming would ever fit into our busy, busy schedule. But it's part of what makes us human and the influence it has on our lives is so powerful. Creativity, insight and problem-solving may not be readily achieved without the freedom and ability to dream. New paths and "outside the box" thinking can also be obtained as we dream, something that can assist to conquer those creative stumps. Even when our brain is just switched to "stand-by," rather than grabbing your phone, let your mind drift into space, allowing you to wander spontaneously and direct your thoughts inwards - something so much more beneficial for our well-being, imagination and creativity, future-planning, and over-all productivity. I believe dreaming enhances the thought of freedom, and freedom is the unapologetic choice to live the life of our dreams. If we really desire something in this life, then it's our challenge to go for it regardless of whether it's been done before or not. Regardless of  our circumstances, or what others and society claims to be possible or impossible. When your wake from a dream, write down everything you can remember. Keep a dream journal. Note the moments, emotions, colors, places, etc. Maybe it will spark inspiration for a new project. Limits are non-existent in the dream world, so why not bring some of "that world" into your waking life? Use your dreams as a tool and let your creativity flow.

[Side note: I also just think the whole concept of dreaming is beyond fascinating. Think about it, you're in a whole different world, and when you wake up, it's gone. I've visited places in my dreams, places I've never been to, and I've gone back to the same places multiples times, months later. It's so crazy when you really start to think about it. Why do certain events occur in our dreams? You've sensed everything in your dream. You had problems. you did things, felt things, and you ate things. I've had conversations with people I've never even met. All these things happen and they feel so real. But as soon as you open your eyes, none of it actually happened. And before you know it, the harder you try to remember your dream, the quicker it vanishes from your memory.]

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