Ways to Embrace Autumn's Arrival

With September 22nd officially here, I thought I would ring in the spooky, colder season with a few ways to embrace autumn's arrival. Pumpkins glowing in the golden fields. Shorter days. Dead leaves rustling in the wind. Crisp mornings signaling winter's near approach. Any change of season is an exciting opportunity for celebration, but I think the autumnal equinox is an exceptionally exciting time for reflection and growth. Fall is such a gorgeous time of the year but it can also be the busiest time for many. End of fiscal year, the starting of classes, and etc. It's important to set aside some time to observe and appreciate the beauty of earth's autumnal transformation. Maybe you're working a lot, or communication with family and friends has been weak - whatever the case may be, fall is the perfect time to welcome harmony and balance into your life (among many wonderful fall-ish things).

Fill your home with the wonderful smells of fall
There is just something decidedly autumnal about the smells of apples, pumpkin spice, cloves, and cinnamon spreading throughout your home. Bake some pumpkin bread or cook mulled apple cider on the stove and let the strong, delicious scent fill throughout your space. Many people go out to the stores and purchase fall-scented candles but another option you can gravitate towards is finding a stove top potpourri recipe - keep an eye out because I have some great recipes coming your way in the near future! Cloves, oranges, and cinnamon sticks, oh my!

Spend time outside
Take a walk in the woods. Or down the street in your neighborhood. Or at a park. Or wherever. Crunch leaves beneath your feet with every step you take. Chances are, you'll have the opportunity to admire the beauty of autumn no matter where you go. The air is finally cooling down, making autumn the perfect season to throw on your favorite sweater and scarf combo and get outdoors to appreciate nature. The foliage turning from deep shades of green to fiery hues of blazing orange and red, the falling leaves, the frost on the ground in the early morning. Turn off your phone, gather a few close friends, and meander through the forest, collecting bright leaves and exploring all there is to see. Spend the morning picking apples at the orchard so you can bake an apple pie in the afternoon. Take a drive to the local pumpkin patch to seek out the perfect pumpkins for a pie. If you're hiking in the mountains, take some time at the peak to admire the view, maybe even write a few words in a journal. Breathe in the beauty of this amazing season.

Check out the local farmer's market
Just as the leaves have turned colors, so have the offerings at the farmer's market. Apples, pumpkins, squash, pears, and figs. Pick up some apples to make home-made mulled cider or purchase some pumpkins to make pumpkin bread. Stock up on the produce that will provide vital nutrients to fortify your health in the upcoming cold weather months. Cooking with what's in season will not only make you feel more connected with the earth, but it's also a great way to expand your menu.

Immerse yourself into some autumn-inspired literature
Spend a crisp weekend morning sipping your spiced coffee or hot cider and delving into some Edgar Allen Poe - or, even better, Harry Potter. There are so many blogs out there with great book recommendations to get you into the spirit of fall.

Fall-ify your wardrobe 
This doesn't mean you should go out and buy every sweater, scarf, and burnt orange item you can find. Simply take the time to assess and organize your wardrobe, putting away things you won't need until spring or summer (unless you live in California or Hawaii, it's time to put away those shorts). You can either move the items you won't need to the back of your closet, or find a large tote and store them in there for the season. In my case, this is easy because I can shamelessly say that my wardrobe is more autumnal all year-round.

Fall cleaning, physically and mentally
Cleanse your home as well as your mind. Clean the cobwebs and wipe down the window sills. Let the new season be a great excuse for going through all of your possessions and decluttering once again. Open the windows and let the crisp fall air circulate throughout your home. Declutter and clear the air, making space for your thoughts and intentions for the new season.

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