Naturally Lengthen Your Eyelashes!

There's just something really appealing about having long eyelashes. Typically, one will use mascara to create the appearance of the bold lashes with extra length and volume.  There are other methods out there such as eyelash extensions, faux eyelashes, and supplements or vitamins such as Biotin, but what if you don't want to mess with applying fake lashes everyday or you feel like paying for the extensions but you still want them longer. Lucky for you, I stumbled upon some easier methods that I thought I'd pass along to you! Some really simple tricks and you'll most likely have all the accoutrements laying around the house: eyelash comb, vaseline, eyelash curler, lip balm, extra virgin olive oil.  For you natural junkies out there, Castor/rapeseed/coconut oils make for great substitutes for the Vaseline and olive oil! 

Eyelash comb 
Yes, combing your lashes every single day with just an eyelash comb can help stimulate growth - neat. Soft and gentle brushes for about 5 minutes.

Lash curler
I think this is the more obvious one. Curling your lashes will make them appear longer.
Quick tip - always curl your lashes gently, and use prior to applying mascara to avoid weakening and breaking your lashes. 

Lip balm
Using lip balm on your lashes will boost the curl and you can do this before you apply mascara but after curling your eyelashes several times or before going to bed. Run the lip balm along your lashes as well as at the base. 

Using Vaseline will help to moisturize your lashes to make them appear longer and healthier. The increased moisture will stimulate hair follicles to help lashes grow. Be careful to not over-apply as it can result in fragile lashes breaking from the weight. The easiest way to apply, in my opinion, would be to take a Q-tip and dip into Vaseline and then wipe that on your eyelash comb teeth. Run the comb through your lashes before bed and be sure to wash your face in the morning. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This one I found to be really surprising. Doing this method nightly, you should notice results of thicker and longer lashes in 2-3 months, not the quickest way but maybe worth a try. With a freshly cleaned face before bed, pour about 5 drops of extra virgin olive oil into a little dish. Without saturating it, dip a cotton swab and rub along your eyelashes. Try to get as close to the base of your lashes as you can but avoid getting any in your eyes. Leave overnight and wash your face normally in the morning.

Avoid waterproof mascara 
The formula of waterproof mascara is made to withstand water and tears so it's extra difficult to remove and all that tugging on your eyelids can cause your lashes to weaken and dry out. Some people swear by this mascara because it's long-lasting and said to hold better curl, but it's very drying and not worth it in the long run.

Keep your lashes clean
Going to bed with makeup on is one of the worst things you can do for you face. Make sure you gently wash your eyes each and every day to remove makeup and other products.

Keep in mind that these methods will take time for results and that they are not permanent. It's important to love yourself the way you are and not get carried away, but sometimes it's fun to try new things out in the beauty field!


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