Make Your Home Smell Like Fall: Simmering Stovetop Potpourri

To me, fall is all about coziness. Bundling up in warm scarves and lacing up your favorite boots. The crisp autumn air, the warmth of natural wood, and burning orange and red hues. The tastes and scents of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and all the spices that go along with them. Scents play a large role in giving your home that cozy atmosphere - and fall, along with winter, are the coziest of scents. There are a lot of ways to make your space smell like fall. You can burn pumpkin or apple spiced candles, bake fresh pumpkin bread or apple pie, or my favorite - you can make simmering stovetop potpourri. There are so many different combinations and it's fun to play around with the ingredients until you reach that perfect scent. Making stovetop potpourri is quite simple: fill a saucepan with water, add your favorite spices and fruits, bring it to a boil, and let it simmer as the scents of apples, cloves, oranges, and cinnamon swirl throughout your home, filling up every room. I've found a recipe I like best (although there are a million and a half out there) and it will make your home smell like fall in an instant. Be sure to always be present when burning stovetop potpourri, and add more water if the liquid gets low.


1 apple, sliced
1 tablespoon cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1 orange, sliced + the peel
3 cups of water

Fill a saucepan or pot with three cups of water and put it on the stove under low heat. Add the ingredients and let simmer. Simple! Aside from those listed above, there are quite a few other popular fall potpourri ingredients you can try: lemon, pumpkin, bay leaves, anise, rosemary, dried lavender, cranberries, and vanilla extract. What's your favorite stovetop potpourri recipe?!

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