Inspirational Mantras For Chasing Your Dream

It's safe to say I'm a dream-chasing enthusiast. I'm big on following your heart and living out your authentic purpose. I believe that this one-time life is too short to do anything but that. Dreams can be risky, and when we act upon them, the risk is usually amplified by others telling us all the negative possible outcomes - there are so many possibilities as to what can happen. However, as a dreamer, your job isn't to get everyone on board with your plan, but to instead, your job is to actualize the plan. Make it happen. The first step of that is changing your dream from a goal to a plan. I  think it sets it more in stone - goals are more of what you'd like to achieve, while plans are what you will achieve. Focus on what it will take to make it your reality. I like to envision my dream already happening. I think the more you do that, the more you get closer to it - the more energy of it you attract (if that makes sense?). Many people don't give themselves the permission to dream big enough. They set limits for themselves and let others' failures sit in the way. Do not set a limit for yourself. Also, don't forget gratitude. Have gratitude for you where you already are in life. Have gratitude for what will come. If you've just hit rock bottom, have gratitude that you did because now the only way to go is up. If you're looking for support for your dreams, turn inward. Look within yourself. Your heart will be the best cheerleader to help you transition to where you really want to be. Have you ever told someone about your goal, and received a less-than-supportive response? Dreamer set the stage for what is possible and they paint the picture of an ideal life. For some people, this can create a fear as they battle with their own personal lost hopes and desires. Do not let them derail you. Instead, use it as fuel to fire your motivation. But just remember, not everyone will support you. Not everyone's dreams fit for everyone and the best thing you can just do is move forward and be a supportive friend towards your supporters and fellow dreamers. Whatever it is, whether it be running your first marathon, backpacking across Europe, starting up your own business, dreams take courage. When you start leading your life with your dreams in full focus, you will see those in your life that actually matter rising with you and fully supporting you. Here are 12 quotes/mantras that may spark your inspiration:

1. Your time is too valuable to be distracted by negative people. Don't let anyone talk you our of your dreams.

2. Don't tell people your dreams. Show them.

3. Dreams don't have an expiration date; pick yourself up and try again. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it wont.

4. If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

5. Don't follow a trend; follow your heart.    

6. A dream is a wish from your heart; you woe it to yourself to follow through.

7. Do what you love and love what you do. Don't listen to anyone who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.

8. Don't let anyone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.

9. The most awesome pleasure in life is doing what others said you couldn't do.

10. Set dreams so big you have to grow into the person to achieve them.

11. Believe in the person you are becoming, your dreams matter.

12. If you're waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you'll never make it.

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